Clinton Made Me Do It

I’ve lived a long time on this planet. My interests in politics as a spectator goes all the way back to Eisenhower. I was a kid then and too young to vote, but my parents and grandparents were also news/political junkies so I just stayed the course and learned.

The age for voting at that time was 21, not 18 like it is now.

I was born during the Korean War and have lived through the cold war, Vietnam. Watergate, Iran Contra and other world problems and scandals.

I have lived through an equal number of Democratic regimes and Republican regimes.

But I don’t think I have ever tasted a political climate like the one which surrounds us now. I don’t recall any administration or congress invoking the name of a past President as a cause for screwing up as much as this one does.

In other words....Foleygate....”well Clinton did it, too”............the economy is in recession...”well, the recession actually began under Clinton”..............bombing of the trade center, twice/ Somalia embassy bombing, terrorism in general, Osama still alive......”well, if Clinton had done his job and gone after the terrorists”......

Now we come to North Korea and it nuke testing....McCain alleges it is the fault of “failed Clinton policy.”

Give me a break, does anyone in the GOP take responsibility for anything? Clinton had North Korea at the bargaining table and submitting to UN inspectors in 1994. They were talking to us. But then Bush lite got elected and trashed the agreement. North Korea walked away and remains the dangerous rogue government it is today. Bush actually had Colin Powell do the dirty work, even though it was well known that Powell liked the Clinton agreement.

Now he’s got wannabe president McCain talking out of both sides of his mouth and Chocolate Albright pretending she really understands the situation.

Talk about morals and values....this administration and congress has proven that it has neither and I’m not talking about sex.

Truth, integrity, culpability, honesty...those are the values that count. Unfortunately, I don’t see a politician on the horizon who embodies those traits.

The GOP is desperate in its attempt to hold onto power. The Democrats are desperately trying to regain power and nobody is displaying a real sense of leadership or concern about the people of this country.

It is all about power....how to get it....how to use it.....how to hold onto it....period.
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