Voting for Senator

Next week, I’m voting for Sherrod Brown for Senator. I didn’t know much about him before he began his campaign against Mike DeWine.

And I will be the first to admit that Brown, is still suspect in my mind. But I can’t support Mike DeWine. He is a part of the status quo that has driven this country to the brink of destruction politically.

One good thing about Brown is that he voted against going to war in Iraq. He was one of the few politicians to dare to stand up to Dubya and neocons on that one.

That one move alone, makes me inclined to trust him. It should serve as notice for some others like John Kerry or Hilary Clinton who voted with Bush. I have not forgotten that. The only reason I voted for Kerry in the first place in the last election was that he was the alternative to Bush, not the answer.

Clinton is expected to pull all women and all liberals if she throws her hat into the ring. That’s not going to happen. She has yet to pull back from the vote or to apologize. I’m glad she stands by her vote and doesn’t apologize for making it. But I question her judgement in backing the move to go to war. It looks like a gutless move rather than a well thought out one.

Brown for senator
Strickland for governor
Cranley for representative-another alternative, not good choice
Pepper for commissioner-not a good choice, but Heimlich is worse

Wish I could vote for Wulsin over Schmidt, but I’m in the wrong district. Schmidt is an embarrassment, just like the other candidate for governor, Ken Blackwell. They should return to private life where they can only do damage to themselves.

Attorney General....man, do I want Montgomery, who is a friend of the crook named Noe or do I want Mark Dann, a very questionable attorney. I don’t like either one...maybe I’ll flip a coin.


Every time I write or think about politics, I don’t feel happy, optimistic or trusting. What I feel is dirty, as in I need to go take a shower.

The choices are not good....just alternatives.....we need to revamp the system, if that is possible.

But I don’t think it is.
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