Absolute Power, Corrupted Leaders

Do we need any more proof that god’s obnoxious party doesn’t give a damn about anything except money and power. 24 hours after Rep Foley resigns amid scandal, the GOP leadership is playing cover its ass, refusing to acknowledge that it knew about Foley and his predilections as far back as a year ago.

What do you want to bet they kept the knowledge in house in order to protect Foley’s seat through the upcoming election in an effort to hold onto the power.

They don’t give a damn about we, the people or their electorates, They don’t care about our kids.

We all just represent a photo op when they need it during election years.

It’s all about the power and the money, period.

The GOP spin doctors keep trying to divert attention from Foley by reminding us about democratic sex scandals.

Yes, Democrats have had their troubles keeping their pants up, too.

But the difference is that Democrats don’t run around holding themselves up as models of morality. Democrats are about getting their swerve on, and make no bones about. it.

Republicans hide behind their faith, their self perceived higher morality, until they get caught, then it’s alcoholism or the fact that they were molested by a priest.

In other words, the devil made them do it.

And all this circus does is divert attention away from Dubya and his fake war on terrorism and shrill use of fear politics.
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