Now that Foleygate is raging, hatemongers like Pat Buchanan are taking center stage, leading the charge of what likely will be “gay purge” of the Republican Party. Buchanan has been all over the airwaves the past couple of days pointing out that the GOP leadership has allowed gays to infiltrate the party and they are actively engaged in a cover up of Foley’s predilection for young pages.

Buchanan wants us to know that assistants to the highest ranking leaders are gay men and that these gay men kept their bosses in the dark. So that when Dennis Hastert says he didn’t know about Foley until last week, he is probably telling the truth, according to Buchanan.

I’ve read article after article by conservatives expressing more outrage over the fact that gays are also republicans and high up in the GOP, than the fact the very conservative Foley dated and apparently had sex with young boys.

The right wing conservatives sent all these guys to Washington and when they get there, they go native, apparently unable to resist temptation. They make bad moral and ethical choices, making them no different than Democrats.

I guess I can rightly call this a watershed moment for the GOP.....will they admit in public that people can be who they are and live their life, or will they conduct a witch hunt directed by it’s right wing, clean out the closets and go back to preaching and attempting to legislate morality.

My bet is, it’s closet cleaning time.
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