John Mark Karr

Can someone please tell me, who the devil gives a damn about what is on this pervert’s mind.

Why is he being interviewed, over and over and over, by the allegedly reputable news media?

He lied about killing Jon Benet. So what’s happening now? Is he trying to parlay it into a rock career so he can play his guitar to little girls, legally?

He’s had his fifteen minutes of fame. Let him go away. Better yet, lock this sick SOB up before he really hurts somebody.

Because you know when the cameras stop following him, when Diane Sawyer and Larry King stop calling him, that his next option for fame is to really kill somebody’s kid.

Then what is King going to do, jump before the cameras claiming his own Nancy Grace moment while eshewing any responsibility what so ever?

ABC has already taken him back to his school. He was caught along with the producers peeping in the windows. You can bet if the publicity on the stunt hadn’t been so negative, ABC would have played it all over, talking about the big “get” with J.M.K. by one of their ace interviewers.

You know, I don’t know who is sicker, the fame seeking pedophile or the so called reputable news media.

When does common sense kick in?

When do we, the public say enough?
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