Closet Cases and the Politics of Self Hate

Well, another one bites the dust in Washington. Congressman Mark Foley, long known to have a preference for boys as sex partners, has resigned.

Foley got caught sending explicit email and instant messages to an under age former congressional page. He resigned after being outed by ABC News.

The bad part about this is that Congressional leaders of the House knew about the messages a year ago and actually confronted Foley about them. He promised to be a good boy and they hushed it up and let him off the hook.

Foley was outed several years ago when he contemplated running for Senator. At the time, the very conservative Rep. from Florida told his constituents it was a witch hunt by Democrats and that he really, really likes women.

Foley is another one who continually voted against his own self interest. He was constantly on the “anti” side of gay legislation during his six terms in office.

He more often than not followed the “do as I say, not as I do” policy that many closet cases follow. Like others he apparently thought that being part of the power structure protected him from the everyday perils of being gay.

He was a coward to the end, though. Rather than admit he was gay and resign like former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, Foley quit with no mention of what caused his resignation. He simply wrote a letter to House leadership and disappeared.

No doubt, the next time we see him will be on the cover of The Advocate smiling hand in hand with his new boyfriend talking about how free he feels now that he’s out.

I just hope his boyfriend is over the age of consent. The boys he targeted with the illicit messages were not, which makes him a pedofile, too. That’s a double whammy when you’re one of the ones who takes it upon himself to police the morals of the rest of the population.

Karma...the universal law....what goes around...comes around....judge not...lest ye be judged....you listening....Coulter, Falwell, Dobson, Malkin, Pete, Robertson, Santorum, Frist,, Bauer, Reed, Keys, conservative black ministers....
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