Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship

Now, even his own party is questioning the morality of the Iraqi situation and alleged war on terrorism. The Bushies want to "interpret" the rules of the Geneva Convention to allow them to torture so called terrorists prisoners that they've been housing in secret jails around the world.

Dubya and company want to bring them to Gitmo and conduct secret tribunals and he wants Congress to sign off on this perverted situation.

Congress stood up to him today. Senators Warner, McCain and Graham said "no."

Colin Powell, in a letter to John McCain questioned the White House's morality for even making the request.

It is interesting to note that all who stood up were veterans or retired military who didn't hide behind draft deferrals, or their father's money to keep them out of harm's way. McCain, you will recall was a POW for five years. Bush went AWOL for a year, the rest of the axis of evil in the White House were nothing more than draft dodgers. It's funny they should end up running the Pentagon.

Powell said to change the Geneva Conventions would put our own soldiers at risk, or more risk. After all, if we decide to interpret the rules on treating prisoners, what's to stop any other country from doing the same to us?

155 nations have long abided by these rules of war. Now Bush and company want to change them.

I'm going to say it until it happens....IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT!
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