Who’s the Coward?

Wasn’t it just about two weeks ago that Shrub (he’s shrunk a lot) was attempting to be conciliatory toward democrats as he used 9/11 for his political backdrop?

Now he’s out there on the money raising trail again accusing the dems of being cowards for wanting to get out Iraq.

I ask you, who’s the coward...the politician who dares to stand up and speak against failed foreign policy....the pol who dares to question the smarts, sincerity and intelligence of this fratboy turned political hack...or a president who hides from his people?

Since he’s been in office, Bush has refused to appear spontaneously at any event that isn’t prescreened and listed for republicans and their supporters, only. No one else need apply..you won’t get in guaranteed.

That’s cowardly.

He went AWOL for a year when he was in the Air Force Guard.

He’s been AWOL at the White House since his election.
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