Richer, Whiter and Middle Class

That, apparently, is the unspoken goal of House Republicans in the latest GOP attempt to keep control of the White House.

The House has approved a measure requiring that voters in the 2010 elections prove not only their identity, but their citizenship as well. House members want folks to display a passport or a special driver’s license id with a citizenship tag on it or barring that, a special id card with citizenship tag. A photo id is already required for 2008.

Most Americans, and particularly minorities, don’t own passports. The poor, who don’t own cars, usually don’t own a driver’s license. A lot of people also don’t have state ids either because you have to drive somewhere to get to an office in other to obtain one in the first place.

Statistics show that Americans who do have passports and these other types of identification also tend to be middle class, and white, with more money. The thinking goes that richer, whiter and middle class voters overwhelmingly turn out to be republican.

So much for compassionate conservative inclusiveness.

House members who support this blatantly racist plan say it will cut down on voter fraud. But stats show there has rarely if ever been this type of voter fraud even attempted.

The GOP has been working on stealing the next election since their success at gerrymandering voting districts for the past several years. They’ve already changed the voting districts in several states making it impossible for Democrats or others to even get elected on the state level.

They’ve packed the courts with judges sympathetic to the right wing conservative school of thought permeating this country making it nearly impossible to mount a legal challenge of any substance on any judicial level.

2000 saw the presidential election stolen and handed to Bush. In 2004, 119,000 votes for John Kerry disappeared right here in Ohio.

Governor wannabe Ken Blackwell, acting in his capacity as Secretary of State has already attempted to put the fix into this upcoming election in hopes of keeping GOP control of Ohio.

The new electronic voting machines that will come into play in a couple of months have already shown unreliability in both Florida and Ohio. There is no paper trail or back up to prevent fraud or foul ups.

Voting think tanks are predicting Chaos if these machines are put into mass use as is.

I would recommend that everyone go out and get a passport right now, but I also know that costs about hundred dollars per person.

Richer and whiter is what they want...it may be what they get if we don’t step up and stop this theft of America and our freedoms by the radical right.
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