Hyperventilating Over Hugo

Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela called Dubya a devil yesterday while addressing the UN. It was totally political. He merely expressed what the rest of the world is thinking. So why all the fuss?

Dubya’s caught up the mirage that is his version of reality and has been hurling insults and ultimatums for the past month at everyone who questions or disagrees with him. He said it’s his way or the highway last week during a news conference at the White House. Sounds like John Wayne talk to me.

He has been overwhelmingly arrogant, overwhelmingly petulant and downright nasty. Yet the talking heads on TV are upset when he gets some of his own back. Give me a break. He started this pissing contest. Now the other world cowboys are stepping up to the plate.

If you want respect, you have to give it, period. This White House hasn’t shown respect for anyone, not even former cabinet members.

Bush doesn’t respect the rest of the world and he sure as hell doesn’t respect, his own people. He’s lied to us. He threatens us. He uses fear in an attempt to coerce us, his own people.

Let the people answer in November.
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