20 Questions

1...Why can’t the White House go after Osama Bin Laden the way it went after Jack Murtha?

2...We’ve lost whole parts of Iraq to the insurgency, why can’t this administration admit that our troops are now stuck inside a civil war of their making?

3...Why is Ground Zero still a hole in the ground, five years after the attack?

4....Why hasn’t New Orleans been rebuilt?

5...Why is this country still beholden to the middle east for oil?

6...Why is getting a blow job in the oval office worse than lying to the American People?

7...Why hasn’t Bush light been impeached?

8.... Why do Americans hate its government but keep sending the same crooks back to the hill to screw us over again and again?

9...Why don’t Americans have health care, jobs, and pay raises to keep up with inflation?

10...Why don’t Democrats have the balls to have answers to these questions?

Talk amongst yourselves, I too ticked off to continue...........
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