Gutless Congress

So much for standing up to the President. Somewhere on the road to holding him accountable, Warner, McCain and Graham caved in and gave Dubya what he wanted. Thanks to this so called compromise, Dubya can say what parts of the articles of the Geneva Convention will be followed.

Dubya has the call the on what constitutes torture and what tactics can be used to extract information from detainees.

The House passed this bill last night, the Senate is expected to do the same today.

Now the door is open for other countries to interpret these rules when it comes to our POWs who may be taken captive.

Politics, politics, politics...using the lives and well being of our troops as a bargaining tool is unconscionable.

Meanwhile, a new poll out this morning says 92% of Iraqis want America out of Iraq. I’m okay with that....if they think they can handle their business without us....fine...let’s come home.

Believe me, we got enough trouble on the home front to keep the army busy.

It will be interesting to see how the White House interprets this number later today...
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