Look at Me, World

We had him. Then Secretary of State Madeline Albright had that North Korean nutcase under control and at the negotiation table. Kim Jong II was willing to act like an adult and at least discuss ways to get rid of nukes.

Then comes 9/11 and Dubya lists him as part of the problem....Part of the axis of evil along with Iran and Iraq.

So what does "Dear Leader" do....he pulls out of treaty talks and goes home and threatens us until yesterday, when he starts firing dud missiles at us.

Even if we wanted to retaliate, we can't. Dubya's got everybody tied up in that quagmire called Iraq.

He's trying to play it cool...sort of like a big brother taking punches from his little brother. You know the scenario when the little brother is whaling and big brother is standing there saying it doesn't hurt, go ahead and hit me again...

I want to know what will happen if one of those missiles turns out to be real?

Bet Dubya's hoping that Japan will protect us from "Dear Leader" or at least run interference. Kind of a payback for us rebuilding the Empire of the Sun after we blew them up to end World War II.
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