Monday Morning Sports Junkie Hangover...

Brava Italia!

They won the world cup. But, Zidane from France was voted best player. W.T.F.? He was tossed out of the game during extra time for head butting Materazzi in the chest, and still got the trophy...Go figure.

No more talk about the World Cup until 2010. This next one happens in South Africa.

Federer again at Wimbledon. Dude looks cool wearing a white blazer to court side and during his interviews. Most tennis players think new nikes are the height of couture.

Amelie Mauresmo finally breaks thru and wins, really wins a grand slam. She's always had the game, just not the nerves or the head for winning. Previously she was only famous for tattoos, her motorcycle and the fact she dates older women.

This women's final was the first since 1999 without a Williams sister. I hope they come back. It's so boring when their not around and man, the networks just hemorrhage money when they don't have Serena and Venus to jump start primetime TV.

Tiger almost pulled it out at Cog Hill. He's looking, well, rather Tigerish once again. He finished second. Just couldn't pull the trigger on that last putt at 18. He actually lost it on the second shot into the green. But he came close.

He's still grieving for his Dad. That's okay, too. He can go home to the arms of his wife, the ex nanny and work on making little blond babies.

Why is it that powerful, rich, famous Black men settle for marrying blond nannies and cheerleaders?

Why can't an educated, rich, maybe famous, but mocha colored sister ever get a break from these guys.?

Are Black power couples a thing of the past?

And why don't Black women play professional golf?

More later..
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