Bend Over and Pass the Vaseline

The House passed a minimum wage increase yeserday.

But don't get your drawers in a knot. They weren't trying to help poor folks. The GOP doesn't give a damn about poor or middle income people, no matter what color you are.

The GOP pushed thru the first wage hike since 1997 but used it to carry yet another tax cut for America's richest 5-percent, an estate tax cut that will drain the federal coffers of 268-billion dollars over the next decade.

As usual, the GOP is patting itself on the back, jumping up and down and saying look what we did, look what we did! Aren't you happy, now?

The ball-less wonders known as Democrats are crying or I should say whispering foul. The Democrats need to be jumping on desks and tearing down the doors of CNN demanding press time to talk about the situation.

This massive missile of future problems now goes to the Senate for probable approval.

And on another note, like you need more bad news............

A report circulating courtesy of the AP says big oil companies consciously manipulated gas and oil reserves by cutting back on supply in order to boost profitability back in the 90's. The AP, it seems got hold of some internal memos talking about the plan to screw America.

In other words, if something like Katrina hits, then there is not enough supply to cover demand because reserves were lowered.

It's all perfectly legal according to the report. They get richer and we get f***ed again by big business.
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