It Ain't Tricklin'

So what am I supposed to do, jump up and down, break out the champagne and celebrate cause the deficit is lower than expected?

Give me a break! It's still a deficit....about 300 BILLION dollars in the red. That's 4000 dollars for every person in the United States of America.

It's also not the real figure. The real amount is hidden by the fact that we still have a surplus in Social Security.

In real figures we are about 468 billion dollars in debt.

But Bush is celebrating. Celebrating what? When he came into office we had a surplus. We had jobs. We had reasonably priced gasoline. We could feed our families.

We were happy.

No war. No thought police. No moral minority running rampage over the majority.

No lies about unemployment-4.6%, like I heard some NeoCon wannabe say last night.

4.6% of white people may be unemployed, but nearly 70% of all Black men are without jobs.

And employed people...when was the last time you got a raise that mattered or kept up with the cost of living?

Earlier this week Dubya signed off on raises for his cronies in the White House but left the people who work in the White House with not even a pat on the head.

Globalization and outsourcing to cheaper labor pools keep wages down in this country while CEOs make 200 times what the average worker makes.

Economics...makes me want to pull out my hair, except that I wear it so short anyway, nobody would notice.
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