My Bad


I just get back in the house after cutting my grass in this MF-ing heat before my neighbors lynch my ass, turn on my computer only to find out that Dubya is trying to make a liar out of me.

This after I wrote yesterday that for the sixth time the NAACP has invited him to speak and since he'd said "no" five times before, I figured he was going to say "no" again.

Well, guess what....He's going to attend....Just cause he wants to, says official mouth Tony Snow. Made the announcement today amidst talk of the skirmish going on in the middle east.

But nothing else has changed. Politics is his only motivation. I don't care how many Latino maids and nannies he hires or how many Hispanics other members of his family marry, or how many times he hugs Condi, he don't have a thing to say to or about Black people or any other minority that won't vote republican.

It is an exercise in futility on his part and on the part of the NAACP. Why do they insist on beating their collective heads against the wall?

Why doesn't the NAACP do something productive like get the vote out for someone who is looking after our collective interests?

The GOP and its left wing otherwise known as the Democratic Party kicked us to the curb a long time ago.

We have only one party in this country now and both wings see no reason to cater to Black folk, especially since we no longer vote and because we are no longer the majority minority.

Saw a bumper sticker today....says Vote the OC in '08....Obama and Clinton...sounds good to me.

Except I hope they form a new party first.
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