What Have ya Done for me Lately

So Julian Bond has stood up once again before the members of the NAACP and publicly invited President Bush to come and address the annual convention. For what?

This will make the sixth time that Dubya has been invited and will probably be the sixth time that he will not show up.

I'm not mad at Dubya. This one time he is not being a hypocrite. He knows we don't like him. He can't handle hostile crowds, never has, so he just simply doesn't go into hostile situations. Which makes his visits to Iraq and strolls in the green zone all the more comical.

What ticks me off is why is the NAACP wasting energy asking him in the first place. He is a lame duck president. He has refused to attend in past years. He can't hide behind the facade of compassionate conservatism. He can no longer hide behind General Powell.

And the problem with the rest of the card carrying Black folk in the administration, well they don't have street cred in the first place, so he can't trot them out and make us believe that they care. They don't.

The NAACP keeps asking because it is the one time of the year when they can get some publicity. They want us to know they are still here.

But face it, hasn't the NAACP and the Urban League gone the way of SNCC, CORE, Black Panthers, etc?

Name something the NAACP has done lately for Black folk besides hold a convention.

Has the group taken the lead on the number one killer of Black women (HIV/AIDS).

Have they spoken out on Black on Black crime that is killing our people here, or the genocide that is going on in Africa.

Have they mounted any programs to combat teen pregnancy, or the overwhelming school dropout rate, or the problem of obesity within our community..

Have they come up with ways to break the death cycle of crime and recidivism that ensnare our young men.

Has the NAACP spoken out against homophobia against Black gays and lesbians.

The NAACP needs a name change, an agenda change, and to take a major leap into the 21st Century.

Leave Dubya alone. He doesn't have time to go to the convention, and you already know his answer, anyway. He's too busy trying to dig out of the hole he's dug himself into.
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