Not Salem, But Still a Witch Hunt

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face....The American military is at it again...throwing gays out of the military.

I guess, just like our ability to harm the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, we must do tremendous damage with our presence and willingness to serve in the military.

After all, since Don't ask, don't tell went into effect in 1993, more than 11,000 troops have been kicked out of the military at a cost of 369-million dollars, according the GAO. That's how much it has cost so far, to train new recruits to take the place of the old ones.

According to the report, more than 800 of those dismissed had critical abilities including more than 300 with important language skills. Of that number 55 speak Arabic.

How can you fight a war against middle eastern terrorists if you can't speak, read or understand their language, their phone calls, their newspapers, their radio, their intercepted communiques? Can you say Iraq?

Decorated Army Sargent Bleu Copas, who joined the military because he wanted to do something about 9/11 was an Arabic language specialist. According to a report from the Associated Press, Copas never told or admitted to anyone that he was gay. He says he was outed by anonymous emails to his superiors. The thinking was that a jealous ex lover did him in.
And since he never copped to his sexuality, D.A.D.T. should never have been invoked in the first place.

Following an eight month investigation, Copas was kicked out of the 82nd Airborne based at Ft Bragg.

He is now pursuing his master's degree at a Tennessee University. He said he plans to appeal.

Appeal for what? Reinstatement?

Why don't we others just let straight white men and the women who love them fight their own wars and see how far they get without us.

Past, present and future.
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