That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Apparently, there's life in the old girl yet!

NAACP President Bruce Gordon wants Blacks to let their money do the talking. In his first keynote address, Gordon is asking us not to patronize the stores that refused to answer an NAACP survey.

He stopped short of calling it a boycott. There will be no pickets, no commercials...just word of mouth in the community.

He is going to trust the drums to get the message out or in this case, the internet.

The four stores on the hit list include; Target, Dillards, Kohls, and Sears, surprisingly enough. You would think Sears would know better than to ignore civil rights organizations. But then as someone once said, those who forget history are destined to repeat it.

According to Gordon, it's real simple, we should spend money on corporations who spend money on us, with us and for us, period.
Gordon said:

"We may not have all the power that we want, but we have all the power that we need," Gordon said. "All we have to do is believe it and use it."

I agree....think it, believe it, so be it!
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