They Done Lost Their Minds Part II...

Normally I save my vitriol for local politicians and national idiots, but I have to take time today to comment on something that I feel is a travesty happening in New York, another one.

LifeBeat, the music industry's arm that focuses on raising money to fight AIDS is having a concert. That's good.

What's bad is that they've actually booked two of the most homophobic assholes on the planet to perform.

Is it just me or has this world gone nuts?

The event is the 6th "Hearts and Voices Concert" series and is sponsored by BET, VIBE Magazine, Music Choice and New York Radio Station Power 105 FM.

Black bloggers all over America have posted the info, you might want to check them out for the full story..

They include:

to name just a few.

If you want to stop this travesty contact the individuals listed below and let them know how you feel.

John Cannelli- jcannelli@lifebeat.org
Sarah Peters-speter@lifebeat.org
LifeBeat- lifebeat@lifebeat.org
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