Cincinnati Enquirer Wants Mitt Romney to Take Back Their Country

Obama took office in January 2009 as the nation’s economy was imploding. That year alone, 4.7 million U.S. jobs were lost and the unemployment rate ballooned past 10 percent. The president can’t be blamed for that. In fact, he and his administration took bold action to prevent further disaster.-Enquirer Editorial Board

First they compliment the President, then they slap him down by handing their endorsement to Mittens. You can read the whole thing here.

The Enquirer's main problem with Obama, it seems is that he didn't solve ALL PROBLEMS IN HIS FIRST FOUR YEARS. That's it. Didn't work fast enough, apparently implying he was too busy shuckin and jivin to get the job done. If you've paid attention to GOP talking points for the past couple of years, then there is no need to read the editorial.

The editorial goes on to say that the country is in danger of sliding back into a recession and therefore needs Mitt Romney to steer it the rest of the way, back to prosperity. In other words, Mitt will take back the country and all will once again be “white” with the world.

I stopped reading the Enquirer a long time ago primarily because the people who run this sorry excuse of a newspaper write as if they never look out of their windows and see the architecturally beautiful city surrounding them. Cincinnati is in the midst of a construction boom...houses and businesses are jumping. There is a Casino going up. The Banks have taken off. There are Black and Latino restaurants opening up downtown. Amazing. But this stuff would never happen if someone other than Barack Obama was in the White House. It would not have happened with a president Romney based on his proposed policies and spending cuts.

And yet, this GOP controlled paper says Mitt is the answer? Please! And please, let's not discuss the re enslavement of women as proposed by the Republican party. This from a paper where two out three on the editorial board were female at birth.

And no mention of how Mittens would handle the wars, or take care of our returning Vets. Guess The Enquirer doesn't give a damn about them either.

The vacuum that these folks write and exist in is overwhelmingly white, suburban and republican, minorities need not apply, ever. If you read the Cincinnati Enquirer on any given day, you would have no clue that anyone other than conservative catholic white people live here, ever.

Been that way all six decades of my entire life and I keep wondering why I still get mad about it.

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and over, expecting different results.

Time I followed my own advice.

Vote responsibly between now and November 6th.


Co-signing Crazy-Women in Mitt Romney's New America

12 days before election day and a poll says “white married women” support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 20 percentage points.


Are there enough of them to turn the election in favor of Mitt Romney allowing him to “take back his country?”

Because from my standpoint, that just doesn't make sense. Even if there are enough to turn the election away from Barack Obama, who in their right mind wants to live in Mitt Romney New America, where women are not people, Hispanics have been sent back to Mexico whether they are Mexican or not, and Blacks have been put back in their place, quiet and humble, longing for those happy days on the plantation, where shuckin and jivin and singing “Cum by ya” took up the bulk of the day.

People” are free in America. Our Constitution says so. We control our bodies. We make our own decisions. We choose where and when to work and make money to finance our very existence. We decide when to get married, when to divorce and when to have children. We, men and women, anyone born on American soil or naturalized on American soil are people.

Unless you're a woman....Then all of those decisions are to be made by the men of Mitt Romney's New America, who have decided that they can just cut to the chase, skip the messy and bloody “born” part of the scenario and go straight to conception, the “wham, bam, don't even have to say thank you ma'am,” part of when egg meets sperm.

They, meaning the masters of this universe, have given a bunch of cells inside a woman's body all the rights and benefits of the Constitution of the United States of America. They want to bless it with legitimacy courtesy of the 14th Amendment. Free them just like the Emancipation Proclamation says to do with slaves. Full and complete person-hood as soon as it becomes a possibility...not even a functioning possibility....not even a visible or viable possibility.

Before a woman can even feel that she has sparked life of her own volition, or been forced into it by some horny male, relative or stranger, or friend, doesn't matter, all it takes is somebody born with a dick, who is not shooting blanks, and suddenly that woman ceases to become people. They have written it into their party platform...so let it be written...so let it be done. Ahhhhhh Moses!” 

  Even a rapist retains rights over the woman's body, by legally controlling the fruit of the crime, namely the baby created. True in 31 states in America and now the GOP party platform of Mitt Romney.   Forever beholden to a man, for her life.  Comply or go to jail with no get out of jail card provided...Gotta do something with all those private prisons now that Blacks are being set free to repopulate the inner city ghettos.

And reportedly, 20% of white married women have co-signed off on this shit.


What about the rest of us...the nonwhite..non married..not buying the bullcrap others who also, at least for right now anyway,  have the right to vote? Just askin...

Even their holy book, their bible, the one they keep pretending to quote from, says life begins with first breath, not conception. Says it a couple of times. But then who really reads the bible, anyway.

And in a Mitt Romney New America, which bible will be the religious book of record? The Book of Mormon or the Books of King James or The Catholic Church's version of Christianity complete with all of it's anti female trappings.

Does it really matter? No, all that really matters in Mitt Romney New America, is that men control the universe in which women reside, quietly, providing sex, companionship, free housecleaning and babysitting when the masters need such things.

I'll bet all those white married women will even be happy to step aside when the master of the universe decides he wants a newer, blonder, replacement. And they will understand when he doesn't have the money to support his older progeny he sparked with her. She has a pared down government safety net, hanging by a thread to help her through the tough times, until she finds another master to take over her care, watering and feeding.

And with all those women needing a roof over their heads, can Polygamy be far behind in a Mitt Romney New America?


Well, one thing that is for certain in a Mitt Romney New America, all this happy horseshit about smaller government, less government meddling in personal lives and separation of church and state will no longer be an issue.  Ayn Rand will be so happy, dancing in her grave.

Solved...”Have a question or comment about your woman, dog or fixed bayonet?...take it up with the Bureau of Women, Fertility, Four legged Companions and NRA Weaponry located on the first floor of the Capital Building just off the Rotunda....speak to the first female or gay guy you see dressed in a blazer-bow tie, pinafore and/ or chastity belt..... and you have a good day!”

The money for this message donated by Crossroads GPS, American Prosperity and sanctioned by the Committee to elect Mitt Romney permanent president of the new USA.


I'm Not Voting for Steve Chabot or Jeff Sinnard. But I am Going Green and Voting Rich Stevenson

While I know that most of the people who live in the First Congressional District of Ohio recognize the name of their current representative, I would venture to guess, that like me, they don't know who the hell Jeff Sinnard is or what he represents.

Chabot is the perennial representative, off and on, since 1994, who managed to sneak back into office in 2010, when folks simply decided not to vote thereby allowing for the teabag takeover that has wrecked Congress for the past couple of years. Chabot was a part of that.

His signs are up (same signs) and his television ads have started running again and other than the fact that he has changed the color of his shirt, nothing has changed. Same words, same GOP trickle down bullshit talking points. Same mom and apple pie, fake patriotic stance that motivates his base. Same comb-over. Same no show in the neighborhood.

The only time that you hear Chabot's name is at election time. Sponsoring legislation to help his district is apparently not a part of his job description. Although he has co-signed onto every single one of the 55 anti choice and anti women's health laws that have run through the 112th. He has voted against all Veteran's Bills and all Jobs Bills. He sits firmly along side John Boehner and the other do nothings on Capital Hill.

One would think that this kind of record would motivate Democrats to find a viable candidate to oppose this walking waste of oxygen. So what do Dems do? They run a Jeff Sinnard, probably a party faithful, looking to go big time, with no skills and no track record. There are no yard signs or Sinnard bumper stickers in my hood. There have been no community meetings on this side of town. Nobody in the Obama office is blowing up my phone asking for votes for Jeff Sinnard.

They apparently expect those of us who are also Democrats to support this guy sight unseen. In Hamilton County, running a Jeff Sinnard against Steve Chabot is like throwing raw meat to a lion at the Cincinnati Zoo at feeding time. The Democrats have obviously ceded this election to Chabot. They gave up rather than represent their constituency.

So you know what....I'm not voting democrat in the first congressional district this year. I'm voting for Rich Stevenson of the Green Party. His platform more closely resembles what I would like to see worked on by Congress. 

I realize that a third party vote is more than likely a vote for Chabot, but frankly I'm tired of Democrats assuming what my vote is going to be. They haven't been there for me, for a very, very long time. So, I'm done being there for them, because they assume that Black folks like me will vote the party line regardless. 

I also like Jill Stein for president, but make no mistake about it, I am voting for Barack Obama for President because I think he deserves to attempt to finish what he has started and because Mitt Romney is a major, major mistake for the country.

However in 2016, Democrats better come correct, because I'm done with Democrats, with Republicans and anybody else who does not have my best interests at heart. 2012 is where I draw the line.

After Obama, I'm no longer a Democrat by default.

So my votes are as follows: Obama/Biden, Rich Stevenson in the First District, No on Issue 1, Yes on Issue 2.

Vote responsibly between now and November 6th


The CEO from Hell and The Bitch Slap Heard Round the World-The Romney, Obama Debate, Number 2..

Mitt Romney, the boss from hell, showed up again last night, but this time when he tried to lie, push and slam his way through the question he got knocked on his ass by The President.

And the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the Secretary of State, our U.N. Ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. That’s not what we do. That’s not what I do as president, that’s not what I do as Commander in Chief”-Barack Obama to Mitt Romney

If looks could kill, Mitt Romney would have been vaporized by the look in Barack Obama's eyes, at that moment. Candy Crowley would have had to call for the broom in order to sweep up the smoking pile of shit on the carpet where Willard once stood. End of election. End of discussion. It was over at that point.

All Mitt could do was stutter and badly after that exchange. Make no mistake about it, if you didn't know who is the Commander in Chief of the United States of America, you do now.

Romney blinked. He showed that he is not used to being challenged. What he is,  is an excellent salesmen with no people skills in evidence. After more than a decade of running for president this man still has not figured out how to relate to people. It was obvious that he does not consider Barack Obama, nor anyone else for that matter, to be his equal in life and that is his Achilles heel.  In Mitt-world, nobody is equal except  his boys, his sons and the men of his church.

There is a difference between serving the people and ruling the people. Real presidents understand that. CEO's never do. They lord it over their employees and delegate others to do the grunt work. It's not easy governing from the oval office. Sitting in the oval office requires the man to govern for all of the people, not just the 53% with same size bank accounts.

Prior to the debate, all the pundits wondered which Mitt would show up. The guy who walked onto that stage was the bully who led the attack on the gay kid in high school by cutting his hair. We saw the guy who ran away from the Vietnam War to Paris, while taking part in “support the war” demonstrations full of other young cowardly rich boys who used Daddy's means and power to dodge the draft. We saw the guy who has a fantasy island view about foreign policy.

We heard from the guy who delegated the chore of wooing women in this campaign to his wife, someone as haughty in a Marie Antoinette kind of way, as himself. The “binders full of women” comment felt like another blatant lie given his reticence to talk directly to women.

In another caught on tape moment from earlier in the day, we now know that the Mittens has canceled his appearance on The View, tomorrow because he fears talking to the ladies, especially Whoopi Goldberg. During the debate he barely acknowledged the needs of women for equal pay, equal health care and family planning care.  

The looks on his face showed he wasn't too thrilled with the very female Candy Crowley doing instant fact checks either. He bull rushed her too, just like he did The President, but she refused to back up, doing her job of wrangling the two men as she was supposed to do.

For the third straight debate, Blacks, lesbians and gays were not in evidence, not even in the audience.

However, despite what the right wing nutcase pundits will say in coming days, the election is over. There is still one more debate to sit through. But essentially, this election is over.

Mitt will have to wait another four years to “take back his compa-er-country.”

Vote responsibly between now and November 6th.


The VP and Mista- Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Aftermath

The Vice Presidential debate is over and if nothing else, it was extremely entertaining, if you like watching adults beat up on snarky, petulant children. The VP in the debate was of course Joe Biden, However, I don't really know what to call Paul Ryan. He didn't want to be called “congressman,” which he is and has been for the past 14 years. He wanted to be addressed as “Mr” instead, which is his right, I would guess.

So what, is this, his way of distancing himself from the most do nothing Congress in the history of America? He can use any title that he wants, but it doesn't erase the fact that he is one of the most extreme members of the worthless, teabagger 112th

The night was heavy on foreign policy, which was good, considering the moderator was the very accomplished Martha Raddatz, ABC's foreign policy expert reporter. Even Joe Biden said that Martha had been to Iraq and Afghanistan more than either of the contenders sitting at the table with her and she showed off her stuff, too amidst the bombast that was flying around the room.

One also got the sense that women live in America, too. Talk did turn briefly to Abortion. Both men are Catholic, with Ryan vowing to impose his personal belief system onto the country at the first given opportunity. He believes life begins at conception, a belief that effectively relegates women to baby-making machines. Biden also claims the pro life label, but said he does not believe that others, namely women, should live by his personal belief system. He said women should govern their own lives, just as men do.

Still no mention of immigration or unemployment, two issues that heavily affect those of us who are not white and male. Maybe next time. Biden was able to expose the fact that most of what the Romney/Ryan ticket claims are differences in foreign policy from The President are in fact not differences at all. The policies are practically mirror image to what is currently in play. No difference.

If there was a winner, it was Joe Biden, who worked through a lot of euphemisms to keep from calling Paul Ryan a liar to his face. He got his points across without having to go there. Biden accomplished what he set out to do and that was to wipe any perceived egg off of President Obama's face, since most pundits feel he screwed the pooch in the first debate a couple of weeks ago. Conservative columnist George Will, who was ecstatic at Romney's performance two weeks ago, went so far as to say that the only reason Barack Obama is up in the polls in the first place is because he is Black. Can't wait for his column this week. Probably will say Biden won because Obama is Black.

MR Ryan had to prove that he could handle himself in the spotlight. He got rattled, but managed to survive. He proved to be a good sidekick, however, there is much need to grow and improve, if he intends to claim the top spot on the teabag ticket in 2016. Al Sharpton called Ryan a fibber instead of a liar-said he had not yet grown into full blown liar status.

Honestly, I can't imagine that there are people who haven't yet made up their minds about this election. It's over, one way or another. It is time to vote.

Vote Responsibly on November 6th.


Queen Ann “let them kiss my ass” Romney

I mean, lied about what? This is something he’s been saying all along. This is what he believes. This is his policy, these are his statements," …........"I mean, lie — it’s sort of like someone that’s, you know, in the sandbox that like lost the game and they’re just going to kick sand in someone’s face and say, ‘you liar.’ I mean, it’s like they lost, and so now they just are going to say, OK, the game, we didn’t like the game. So to me, it’s poor sportsmanship.” -Ann Romney to FOX News.

Her majesty, Lady Romney, was talking about President Obama, comparing him to a child in a sandbox. She even called him a bad sport. The layers and levels of total disrespect in that short paragraph are amazing. There has been so much disrespect voiced for Obama that people are becoming numb to further utterances from the batshit crazy crew on the right.

I should qualify that-some white people and younger Blacks are stupefied by the levels of hate. We older Black people have grown up with it. A sad truth, that in this American society, the closer you get to becoming equal, or achieving equality at work, at school or in sports, hate and bigotry increase exponentially, still.

So, really, anything coming out of Queen Ann's mouth should not surprise us. But you know it's really bad when folks start using the “stupid C***” curse! Saw that this morning when I opened up comments on my Facebook page. C*** is reserved for the highest of the high bitches. You really have to piss someone off to be publicly called a C***.

I guess no one in all of her 60 some odd years on this planet ever told this woman to STFU. Bet she doesn't even know what that means, STFU. It's understandable, when your husband makes as much money as Mitt, there is really no one except Mitt himself who can shut you down, you think.

To Ann's mind, he is already king of the world, so why shouldn't she and her brood of Mormon stallions live in the number one house in the universe-The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mitt wins the White House and Ann Romney's transformation from mousy brown haired catholic college doormat to brassy blond first Mormon first lady of all she surveys would be complete.

SHE-WHO-WOULD-NOT-BE-DENIED doesn't see the lies being told by her husband because she gets what she wants when she wants it. Mitt doesn't bother to lie to her. He simply gives her what she needs or wants, and she thinks that is the way he will govern the country. But in her mind, he will give us deadbeats and victims the kick in the pants, and character building lessons that we need to succeed in life in the same way that Mittens has. Nevermind we had to work from the bottom up-no trust fund ladders in our climb, no sirree.

I'm sure in Ann's mind her Mitt will deliver sweetness along with justice and discipline, just like they raised their five boys, who don't seem to have left home and still apparently live in the basement, coming up to work for their father when he needs to appear American-Family-Dreamish.

He will tell us exactly what we need to hear, when we need to hear it, and that is the problem, Miss Ann. Telling us what we need to hear, when we need to hear it, are called “LIES” in the real world, your majesty.

The truth never bends to fit your idea of reality. It just is, and you, we, all of us have to deal with it.

The truth....Mitt Romney is extremely pro life, meaning he is into fetus worship, meaning he will use all the power of his office, should he get there, to eliminate health care for women. In fact, it's the only war that Romney is comfortable with-The GOP War on Women.

Mitt favors a 20% across the board tax cut for everyone...which if implemented will increase the deficit by 4.9 trillion dollars.

Mitt favors increasing spending for Defense by a couple of trillion dollars in a time when the USA is dialing down it's militarism against the rest of the world. And yes, Miss Ann, the rest of the world thinks Americans are full of blood lust and hate for brown people who have funny names, worship other gods and live in far away places.

Showing them how strong we are, only begets more war like that thing going on in Afghanistan that Mitt refuses to acknowledge or talk about. Makes you wonder, is Mitt afraid of war and battle? Seems that way since he draft dodged his way through Vietnam and ignored every other war or military action in which this country has engaged in for the past several years. The lie in this is that he thinks he wants to be commander in chief...no he doesn't.

The truth was told by Mitt to those people in that dinner down in Florida. Romney and his FLAQ (first lady and Mormon queen) have absolutely no use for nearly half of this country. It is not his job, he said, to care about the 47%. Mitt Romney wasn't lying when he stood there that night.

Trying to convince us that he cares is the biggest lie of all.

Mitt Romney doesn't give a damn about anyone and neither does Miss Ann and they prove it every time they try to talk to regular people like us.

Vote Responsibly on November 6th or before.


Why I'm Voting for Barack Hussein Obama

Still confused about the Vote on November 6th, then watch this.....


The Professor and The Prevaricator: The Obama-Romney Debate

The CBS flash poll said 46% of those who watched last night's debate proclaimed Mitt Romney the winner. Only 22% thought the President won.

So, what criteria was used to judge this contest?

I heard The President pretty much say the same things he's been saying about the country. No surprises there. Yes he was calm. Yes his answers didn't fit the format (he is always too long winded). Yes he seemed a bit preoccupied (His wedding anniversary). And yes he didn't go for the kill shot on some of Romney's more blatant lies (Romney is a dead man walking, no need to shoot).

But I heard Romney claim he never intended to cut taxes. I heard Romney say he is not in favor of privatizing Medicare or Social Security. I heard Romney say Medicaid would be better off under State supervision.

Which leaves me to wonder, have I been living in an alternate universe for the past several months? The guy who tells the truth about his plan is considered the loser. But the guy who once again lied out of both sides of his mouth, changing his position before our very eyes, is said to have won the debate.

Really? I mean really?

Honestly, I don't think anybody changed their minds or formed an opinion based on last night. I think if the election were held today, Obama would win, and win handily.

Romney is still an arrogant, clueless kind of guy in search of power, who feels he can lie his way into the White House. He also turned his back on his base, continuing his penchant for shaping his message according to who is  listening and then back tracking when he feels its necessary.

I think those disappointed in Obama wanted to see more of a street fight, with Obama taking Romney to task for all the lies, drawing some blood in the process.

What we got from The President was the professor, who probably would have rather been with his wife then standing on a stage talking at Mitt Romney and the American people.

Professors or academics drive me nuts. They take way too long to explain or come to the same conclusion that I reached hours before with my ADHD brain. But I would rather have The Professor rather than The Prevaricator in charge when the shit hits the fan.

Based on past performance, I know The Professor can handle it when he has to. He's already proven that time and time again.

Vote Responsibly in November.


10 Questions for Mitt Romney and The President-Presidential Debate Day USA

(understanding that all aspects of American life are affected by the economy)

  1. Your proposed tax plan for the country consists of a 20% across the board cut for all Americans...Since all progressive tax plans are redistribution of wealth from one segment to another, how do you justify giving more to the rich at a time a time when they obviously don't need it.
  2. You have stated that you believe life begins at conception. If that is the case, how do you justify any exemption based on rape or incest, and why do you place so little value on the life, and well being of women who find themselves pregnant.
  3. You recently formed a Council made up of several of your Black colleagues to advise you on how to reach out to the African American Community, yet so far, we've heard nothing from them or you, for that matter. How do you plan to convince Black people to vote for you instead of the President
  4. You are on record as favoring the use of vouchers in place of several programs such as medicare and medicaid or to fund public education for students in the hope of gaining a better education for them. My question: vouchers are a fixed amount of money...what happens to the individual when the money doesn't cover even basic costs of what is needed to buy services.
  5.  You have said that President Obama is too timid in his approach to dealing with the Middle East, specifically Iran. Are we to understand that a President Romney would follow the preemptive strike doctrine created by former President George W. Bush, whose approach led America into two unfunded and some would say illegal wars, one of which we are still fighting.

President Obama

  1. For the past four years, you have worked diligently if unsuccessfully to get Congress to approve your programs. If re-elected, what will you do differently in the next four years.
  2. The afghan war is winding down. More of our troops are being killed by so called allies than Taliban. Why not just bring our guys home now instead of waiting until 2014?
  3. Our roads, highways and bridges are crumbling under our feet. How do you get the money to fix these problems and how soon does the work begin once you secure funding.
  4. The past four years have been tough on the middle class, yet the wealthy such as your opponent have prospered, so much so that you wonder why they are complaining about your policies. How do you bring parity back to the country so that all Americans get an equal share of the pie. I guess what I'm asking is why should I vote for you, if you're going to continue to aide the rich and let folks like me suffer.
  5. On January 1, 2013 the sequester will take effect. Do you plan on preventing this or are the mandatory cuts the medicine that America as a whole needs to swallow, understanding that the poor and middle class will suffer the most.

10 Questions for Both

  1. Do you favor codifying discrimination into the US Constitution in the form of DOMA-the defense of marriage act, and why or why not ENDA.
  2. What is your plan for immigration reform.
  3. Marijuana- legalize or not and why
  4. What would you do to ensure that women are finally elevated from second class citizenship when it comes to health care and living wages.
  5. Do you favor the repeal of tax exempt status of all churches and 501 C4 alleged social service agencies, considering they don't adhere to the separation of church and state rules of the American Constitution.
  6. How do you reverse the trend of more black men in prison than in school
  7. What will it take for a Black man or woman to get elected to the US Senate under this current two party system.
  8. Creationism  or evolution and which should be taught in school
  9. Is the 1964 Civil Rights Law unconstitutional and why or why not
  10. Affirmative Action has it over extended its expiration date and why or why not.


Dear Mitt,

Well, son, this is the last letter that I will pen to you, seeing as how you are about to retire from public life and return to your corporate raider day job on November 6th. Not that you really entered my world to begin with, since I am a card carrying member of the 47% that you've dismissed out of hand.

I've gotta be real honest with you, in the 41 years that I've been voting in elections, I've never, ever seen anything like this campaign that you've mounted. Never. Even before I could vote I watched conventions and election returns on the television for almost as long as I've been alive. The first convention that sticks in my head is the one where Eisenhower was nominated. I was five.

Not one of the campaigns, Republican, Democrat, Independent, hell, even Communist Party, nothing has come close to the amount of total disregard for the facts, arrogance, cluelessness and outright viciousness toward a sitting president or the citizens of this country, has ever occurred in my memory.

I was born during Jim Crow, so I know what it is like being hated and dismissed as a human being, solely because I exist. However times had changed, I thought. You masters of the universe had gotten better at hiding your hatred, until you made your 47% speech to your rich supporters. I guess the feelings have always been there, just hidden. Silly me.

Your assumption that we wouldn't understand your plans for the country is totally insulting, not because it is a difficult plan, but because you think I'm too stupid to understand the words coming out of your mouth.

Well, let me give you a for instance....you keep accusing the President of “redistributing the wealth.” You stirred up your base to make them believe that Obama is taking “their money” and “their country” away from them and giving them to the reprobates on welfare, which is your code for Black people.

What you're talking about is a progressive tax, aren't cha?

Progressive tax is by its very nature, a redistribution of money from one section to another. The difference is that you prefer to “redistribute the wealth” to your rich friends rather than help out those who really and truly need it. So the truth of the matter is, you with your 20% across the board tax cut, are the one who will take their money away from them, right?

Sir, you may be a Mormon, but you're certainly no Christian. I would even venture to say that you are not religious in any sense of the word, unless you count lucre as your god.

It doesn't help matters that your sincerity is as plastic as the credit cards in your pocket. You have proven to be bankrupt as an empathetic, feeling human being. I used to joke by calling you Max Headroom. Maybe you remember that virtual reality clown who lived in a TV set. Max was just a disembodied head floating around in a box.

For what it's worth, your head is on a body like normal...it just doesn't function any better than good ole Max.

So to make it official, I'm not voting for you Mitt/Max.

Our one night stand is over. You weren't even a satisfying roll in the hay. Not enough staying power to get me off. So enjoy your life. I know you will.

And, by the way....If I were you, I'd cast my vote for President Obama, come election day, because if one thing is certain, rich people like you made out like bandits these past four years. He has really, really been a good president for wealthy people such as yourself.

Guess you could say, no matter what happens, you're still in the win-win situation in this life. Enjoy Mittens!

Vote responsibly in November.