State of the Union From the President Elect

While Dubya Packs up to move....

The president elect preempted the ladies of The View this morning, to deliver a sort of state of the union address. He is still a few days away from his swearing in, but as the man said, these are extraordinary times that need extraordinary measures. 

Obama was still way short on specifics, for my tastes,  about how he intends to jump start the economy or of how he intends to pay for it. He emphasized over and over that time is of the essence...that there is a need for Congress to kill the drama, put aside the stupid stuff and to act quickly to save the country from itself. 

He came across like Evilene in The Wiz, when sista girl stood up and told her people, “don’t nobody bring me no bad news.”  Obama told Congress that “now” is not the time for all those pork barrel pet projects, like bridges to nowhere, or playgrounds in your daughter’s backyard for your grandkids. 

It also sounded like a polite warning to so called special interests groups to back off a bit and to be patient. The greater good is more important, at this point in time. 

Obama said that the only way to pull out of this mess was to pull together and work it out. He said the bailouts were necessary evils that have to be done, but they will now become last resort and come with strings attached. Strings that will benefit the taxpayer.

By the by...this is the day that Dick Cheney gets to count the electoral votes officially making Obama the winner of the presidential election, back on November 4th. Bet he’s real thrilled to do that. Obama wins by a two to one margin. But cha already knew that. 

Let the celebration begin!

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