Can We the People Fire Congress?

I’m talking enmass, all of them at the same time. Can we do that?

We’ve got a new president, a new White House with Congress singing his praises while sitting on their collective ass, waiting for a miracle of change.

At the same time, Congress is singing the same old song....more tax cuts from the GOP, while the now in control Donkey Party sits around with it’s thumb planted firmly up its butt refusing to tell the GOP fools that enough is enough.

I mean who needs a bipartisan mandate. It’s nice to have, but hell, the country is going to hell in a hand basket. These guys aren’t suffering, they just gave themselves a 4700 dollar raise in December while 100,000 of the rest of us got laid off and their jobs folded, not sent overseas to be outsourced...vanished...maybe never to come back again.

Weren’t they paying attention? The country said in November to cut out the dumb shit and get to work, pulling us out of this mess.

Don’t they hear themselves? The grand old party got us into this mess but is now trying to look fiscally responsible by saying careful, “Obama, you’re spending too much money.”

This, after they’ve given away the country to China and Japan. I’ve been telling my friends for years to start learning to speak Mandarin and Japanese...Can you say Konicihiwa.? Hi!

The vaunted TARP money -anybody know where it went? How about you fiscally conservative GOP people-who’s watching the money? Did it make it to the people it was supposed to help? Or did it go to some fat cat named Thain who needed to redecorate his office to the tune of a couple of billion dollars?

And Please...........Don’t even try to tell me that he used his own money for that...Or that the 4-billion dollars in bonuses that he gave to his homies wasn’t taxpayer money....spare me..

I think the thing that got me going is that jerk Thain said while apologizing for his actions, that he needed to pay the bonuses in order to keep good talent from leaving his company....

WTF....DIPSHIT.....WHERE THEY GONNA GO IF YOU SAY THEY CAN’T HAVE THE MONEY....TO ANOTHER WALL STREET OR BANKING FIRM?....OVERSEAS? The arrogant little silver spoon fed piss ants probably can’t even speak English let alone a foreign language.

You know they really do think we’re stupid.......Sometimes I agree with them...

Anybody up for some old fashioned protest action on Capital Hill? I’m talking bodies in the streets..not internet letters and petitions...Well what about it?
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