Palin Raps

 "I think they would have loved me as a candidate ... we would have seen an absolutely different and a ... much prettier profile of Sarah Palin and the Palin family and my administration." -Sarah Palin

That quote from the Alaskan Governor, speculating about how the media would have treated her if she had been Barack Obama’s running mate instead of John McCain’s.  With all due respect, Governor Palin is obviously suffering from frostbite between the ears.

To quote her former running mate, “you can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear.” In other words, a pig in a poke, is still a pig.  Want another one....you can take the girl out of Alaska (trailer park), but you can’t take Alaska (trailer park) out of the girl....

If Barack had chosen Sarah instead of Joe, Blago wouldn’t have been able to sell the senate seat on ebay because O’s butt would still be in it. There is no way in hell, that America...pre racial America, would have elected a Black man with a running mate who is a white woman with five kids, whose names rhyme like Chinese acrobats, and one of whom was pregnant and not married.  That is just way too much “real” America, for anyone to handle.

Barack has a life partner who is probably smarter than he is, and he gets grief for having her by his side. A white woman with five kids, c’mon, now. I can’t believe she put her lips together to even say that. Well, yes I can, considering some of the other stuff that came out of her mouth during the campaign. 

And how do you “pretty up” the controversies of her witch doctor and troopergate, to name two? She brought those to the ticket.  Better yet, how do you get Barack to sign off on 150,000 dollars in new clothes for your family?  His kids go to school. Does Palin think that Obama would give her kids a pass on education?  I doubt it.  

These Palin observations are coming to light by way of an interview done by a conservative journalist named John Ziegler, who is putting together a documentary about how Obama got elected. Had nothing to do with the American people voting, apparently. You can check  out the raw video here.

Palin is on a tirade, blaming the media, blaming the McCain organization, blaming Katie Couric among others for her failure in the national political arena. She even slams Caroline Kennedy, claiming Kennedy will get a pass because the media likes her better than Palin. 

Palin keeps saying she wants us bloggers, journalists and writers to leave her alone. Well, all she has to do to get that to happen, is to shut up, and go back to being governor of Alaska. When she did that, nobody knew who she was. 

Judging from the venom that she’s been spouting, I’m absolutely sure she will hold that grudge until 2012. I’m also sure she will come out swinging, when she does choose to run again.

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