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Rich Man’s Justice

Bernie Madoff...you know the story by now. Bilked family, friends, clients and customers of an estimated 50 billion dollars, by way of an elaborate ponzi scheme. His sons turned him in. Several business associates who trusted him, have killed themselves, because they couldn’t face the monetary losses. All this while the SEC looked the other way, allowing yet another rich man to feed his greed.

Bernie’s been under house arrest since the scandal broke, living in a seven million dollar apartment with an ankle bracelet, so he can’t legally go anywhere of any consequence, like out of the country. 

This past Christmas, Bernie got caught mailing out a couple million dollars in watches and jewelry to relatives, I would imagine to hide the loot, or to take it to a pawn shop to raise some cash. Whatever his reason, he got caught. It was against the rules laid out by the judge. 

You would think that the judge would have put ole Bernie in jail for violating the terms of his arrest. Well, think again.

The judge slapped him on the wrist with a ruler and sent him back to his multi million dollar jail cell, in Manhattan, to await trial. What we have here is the best justice that money can buy.  

Put his ass in Riker’s. He has not demonstrated any remorse...not said he’s sorry for the guys who’ve killed themselves...He’s literally screwed his family and he gets to wait in a seven million dollar walk up in Manhattan. 

Why is it that rich people do the crime...but never, ever do the time....


Oakland Execution

A black man gets arrested by police for partying too much. He’s made to lay face down on the ground. One officer puts his knee on the man’s back. Another officer pulls his gun puts the muzzle to the man’s back and pulls the trigger. All this in front of a crowd with cell phone cameras. You can see the execution on Youtube.  The cop has not been arrested or charged. Oakland people have been rioting for a several days. The mainstream media has not really reported this story, yet. 

The same goes for former Cincinnati Reds Player, Bobbie Tolan’s kid Robbie. Robbie and his cousin were accosted by a police officer in Houston, in his driveway. Robbie and cuz had completed a run to Jack in the Box for some burgers...kind of like us in the Queen City, jonesing for White Castle. Robbie was driving a real expensive car and lives in a pretty white neighborhood. 

The cop took him for a car thief. Somehow during the confrontation, Robbie was shot in the chest. He is alive. But....Shot by a cop, in his own driveway, in his own neighborhood that was not the ghetto...This the son of a reasonably famous sports figure? It happened just after New Years....Why is nobody talking or reporting about this? Did I miss this story? 


Black Reporters

Now that we’ve got a Black president (soon), a lot of people are asking why are there so few black reporters in the White House Press Corp. I’ve been asking that question for years, since 1974, when I became a reporter.  The main stream is no different than any other American corporate establishment...overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly white. 

Despite all the talk about post racial America now that Obama is set to live in the White House, the window dressing factor is still in play....in other words.....one black face, occasionally, or at the receptionist desk up front, equals integration and equality.

They want more Black reporters....call me....I will be happy to come out of retirement.  You want my resume, read my blogs and call me. 


Dubya’s Last News Conference

Bush held his last news conference today....said the economic trouble started before he got into office and will continue after he leaves...REALLY!  Dubya also said he made some mistakes....SHUTUP!....Says we “misunderestimated him!”  WTF!


Joe the Plumber, er War Correspondent

I can’t really comment on this...He’s in Israel. I find it tremendously insulting to those of us who are or were REALLY reporters. It’s like a two year old picking up a toy gun and playing soldier.
Give me a f**** break...


My Boy Ann

Anyone get the latest about Ann Coulter’s voting misadventures? If I read correctly, sort of between the lines...isn’t the guy who broke the story...the one she calls a stalker....saying that girlfriend voted twice...isn’t that illegal? Shouldn’t she be locked up for voter fraud? It’s in the Daily News, this past weekend.  She never denied the report...just claimed the guy was stalking her..hmmmmmmmmmm


The Atlantic ran an article titled, “The End of White America.”  The article rightly claims that America is getting browner. But that only means more poor people. So called whites, still control most of the wealth, Bob Johnson, his ex and Oprah are still anomalies rather than the norm.

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