Monday Morning Meanderings


Like it or not....and I don’t...Roland Burris was legally selected to replace Barack Obama as Senator. Blago is still the sitting Governor of Illinois. Until he is stripped of his powers, he has every right to appoint whoever...
However....I think Roland Burris is an idiot for allowing himself to be used like this. Bobby Rush has simply lost his mind....This fight is more than about whether one black man should replace another black man in the Senate.

Ann Coulter

Has reared her peroxided head again...must be book publishing time....Ya’ll need to stop calling her a drag queen, because that is an ugly insult to real drag queens...Some of the most beautiful people I know are drag queens....She is simply not pretty enough to even be considered for that auspicious designation.

Black Women Shrinking

Ran across an article last week says, black women are getting smaller. Not in my neighborhood. But you can read it here.

Another article says women in general are happiest when they wear a size 14 dress. Really?
Check it out.


Automatic Raise number 999

As Obama ponders giving us poor people some monetary relief, Congress gave itself a $4700.00 pay raise. They made it automatic several years ago, so that if by some chance they want NOT to take a raise, a new law has to be passed. Think of all the money saved if Congress forgoes its annual dip into the honeypot. I think their raise should be performance based, too....I want to sit on that board...


Muslims, the New Negroes

I hope that family put off the plane by AirTran, sues the hell out of the company. Still think we live in a post racial world, now that Obama is in Washington?



Still fighting. I thought Bush promised us a cease-fire in that part of the world before he leaves office.

And why is Condi so happy these days...girl has been cheezin’ in every picture lately. Maybe she did vote for Obama. I don’t believe it for a minute. She’s still standing behind her guy.
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