Politics of Name Calling

So now I’m a fascist according to Donald Rumsfeld’s latest version of the facts. Call me anything you like, fascist, unpatriotic, unchristian, feminist, feminazi, Nazi, whatever. It still doesn’t change the facts that this administration lies and continues to try and hide its total incompetence behind verbosity and prevarication. See, I can use big words, too.

How about this word..Mendacity...a favorite word of Tennessee Williams. He put it to good use in his play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” This administration has been totally mendacious in its dealings with the American people.

I’m beginning to believe that for the past six years America’s been caught up in an episode of the twilight zone and we can’t get out. This has all been an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Rod Serling.

Rumsfeld would have us believe that we’re in a political period similar to the time just before World War II when most world leaders preferred to look the other way while Hitler and Mussolini rose to power. And although he won’t name them says that certain democrats have said we should pull out of Iraq and that very act will make the terrorists leave us alone.

In my grandmother’s parlance, that is a bald face lie. No one with a brain believes that or has even said that. It is just another Rumsfeld smear attempt, and to cloud the issue at hand, which is how this administration has bungled everything it’s touched since 9/11.

No matter what Rumsfeld, or Cheney or any of their mini-mes say, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 until we invaded that country turning it into a training ground for terrorists with our troops as living targets.

They both need to be fired and their boss impeached.
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