Hiding Behind God

The game of who’s more Christian is being played out again in the race for governor, here in Ohio.

GOP wannabe Ken Blackwell has once again played the Christ card, trotting out a group of black ministers who back him and his divisive form of politics. These deluded individuals are quick to say they are simply voting their conscious and are not speaking for their congregations.

The news conference yesterday, held by the ministers to endorse Blackwell was a sign that the ultra conservative religious right is alive and well in Ohio and using the GOP talking points for manipulating Black people to vote against their own self interests.

Blackwell and his minions launched an attack on Democrat Ted Strickland, casting aspersions that he is not Christian enough to lead this state, despite the fact that Strickland is an ordained minister. Blackwell successfully used this tactic against Jim Petro, his challenger in the GOP primary earlier this year.

There was no talk of the real issues and problems that need to be addressed, such as the lack of jobs in Ohio, the loss of industry, outsourcing, the shrinking tax base, the vanishing population, the failure of public education, the drop out rate, poverty, crime in the big cities.

I have trouble writing about these people without stooping to their level of name calling so I will cut to the chase and not tell you what I really think of these.......people.

If you don’t agree with them then you’re not Christian or have moral standards or are not a patriot or don’t love this country. I have a problem with that thinking.

We are a democracy, not a theocracy. Religious conviction is one thing. Religion in politics is another.

We need people in office who understand the difference. Ken Blackwell is not one of those people. He refuses to address the real issues preferring to hide behind God.

That is not only not right...it’s not even Christian.
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