Andrew Young

He didn’t lie. He spoke the truth and paid for it by losing his latest job as Black spokesperson for Walmart.

Young said, and I’m paraphrasing....that Jews, Asians, Koreans and Arabs who own mom and pop stores in the ghettos of America were driven out of business by Walmart. Further, Young said that was a good thing because these foreign people routinely sold stale bread, spoiled meat and substandard product to the people who live in those neighborhoods. He also said that very few if any of the mom and pop stores are owned by Blacks.

I don’t have a problem with what he said, because it is true.

From my own experiences growing up in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio. The stores were owned by white people to my child-eyes. They may have been Jews, I don’t know. I do know that my mother wouldn’t let me shop for anything edible at Mel’s, which was the closest store to my house. Edible as in lunch meat. We could buy penny candy. She allowed that. It came packaged and wrapped. Not much you can do to candy.

When she wanted bologna or bread, I had to walk to a store a half mile further away from my house. He was also white and his stuff wasn’t already spoiled. It was the grocery store in Washington Terrace.

I’ve grown up and the stores are still there, but they’re owned by Arabs, now. I’ve seen the Asians, and Koreans come and go, too. Same deal. They make money off of us, selling second tier product, but we’re supposed to put up with it, quietly.

I’m sorry the thought and language police are offended, but Young didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

And let me take it one step further. Integration has contributed to the death of the Black Community. While we were segregated, we had stores, we had schools, we had police, we had libraries, we had businesses in our community because we couldn’t go anywhere else. Now we can go everywhere and we have nothing.

Go chew on that for awhile...PC people.
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