Karma-What Goes Around, Comes Around

The great state of Ohio got smacked this week with a great big Karma Kiss. After helping deliver the presidency to Dubya in 2000 under highly questionable circumstances, US Census reports that Ohio is now one of the poorest states in the union.

Cincinnati ranks as the eighth poorest city in the USA....Cleveland tops the list at number one. It wasn’t like that before local politicians sold their soul to the GOP. You’d think Dubya would have sent some of those billions back to the buckeye state as a reward, or some jobs or something.

Nahh! The GOP delights in disproving it’s own theory of trickle down economics...money never trickles down with republicans..only up...defies gravity....

Remember what Shrub’s dad called it when he ran against Reagan....Voodoo Economics....Wonder what the elder Bush thinks about his son’s foreign affairs policies?

On another front...governor wannabe Ken Blackwell, acting as Secretary of State, has agreed to store the official ballots from the 2000 presidential election a little longer. The controversial ballots were scheduled to be destroyed in the next couple of days. That is legal, by the way.

But a couple of independent groups are suing and are presently going over them again looking for evidence of election fraud. They’re still trying to officially figure out how the GOP stole the election, I guess. Anyway, Blackwell can’t destroy the evidence just yet.
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