IKEA to the Queen City

See what happens when the electorate gets smart and dumps antiquated homophobic discriminatory laws...

Good things happen that’s what.

IKEA, the gay Mecca is coming to Cincinnati. The official announcement coming yesterday. It will be built in West Chester which is a suburb, but that’s fine, my ride just eats up highway and as I’ve said before it is big enough to carry A LOT OF STUFF. It’s scheduled to open by the end of 2007.

Now for those of you who have never heard of IKEA, it is a store which is home based in Sweden. It has everything you can imagine when it comes to furnishing your home. And you know what else...the prices are very reasonable.

Going to an IKEA store is like going to a grown up Disneyland. There is so much stuff that you suffer sensory overload. You need to go there a couple of times just to get your barrings.

I’ve been going to the one in Schaumburg, Illinois, that’s the one outside Chicago. It’s marvelous. My niece took me. People just walk around and look, not necessarily to buy, just to look. I carry a list with me when I travel to Chicago, just so I can pick up stuff to bring home from IKEA.

Man, can’t wait. Think I’ll have a yard sale to get rid of my old stuff, so I can fill my house with IKEA stuff.
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