Destined to Repeat?

Are they fucking crazy? The neocons...all of them are calling for yet another preemptive strike, this time against Iran.

They haven’t cleaned up Afghanistan which is the last place Osama was seen. Iraq has slid into civil war and is costing us billions. Israel and Hezbollah are still in a face off and the peacekeeping troops aren’t even in place yet. The entire world hates us for the stupidity coming out of the White House. Congress continues to rubberstamp this B.S. and we, the American people sit back and do nothing.

And they want to go into Iran? These people are out of their minds. Hell, they don’t have a functioning mind among them.

Why aren’t we protesting this stuff. Why haven’t the people taken to the streets.

Why is no one calling for Bush’s impeachment? How many laws does this former frat boy have to violate, or pervert, before someone spanks him down?

It’s not about spreading democracy to the region. Both Hezbollah and Hamas came to power because of the democratic election process. Their people voted them into power. Just because they like our material stuff doesn’t mean they want to live in our system. Those that do simply come here.

We can’t hit people with bombs just because we don’t like the outcome of their democratic process.

The money we’re wasting on these quagmires could have rebuilt New Orleans ten times over.
Instead we’re into another hurricane season just waiting for the formation of another massive wave.

Man, the arrogance of this administration.....scare tactics and lies and more scare tactics...all to win the next election and keep the power.

Public Enemy said it right...We’ve got to Fight the Power! .
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