Michele Bachmann is Not a Flake

The good news is another woman is going to run for president. The bad news is it's Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

The tea party loves her. Her evangelical followers love her. Conservative republicans love her. The moderate GOP, meh, not so much. They also haven't asked the rest of us yet. Among her peoples-those who are going to vote in Iowa, she has a big lead over Mitt Romney. So that makes her the latest media darling of the MSM.

The media is making a big deal of a FOX news question, Sunday, asking Bachmann if she is a “flake.” She told them that was an insult and not really worth her attention, and I agree. She is not flake.

Flakes tend to be harmless...annoyingly pranksterish...juvenile...immature....fun loving at other people's expense....They may drink too much or party too much or cheat on their wives....a nuisance, yes, but not much else. When I think of a flake, the name Newt Gingrich comes to mind.

No, Michele Bachmann is not a flake....She is, however, very, very dangerous.

Bachmann says god told her to run for president. She is a born again Christian bordering on the fanatic. Even talks in bible code straight from Deuteronomy, so those of us heathens outside the faith won't understand what she is really saying during her speeches.

Guess she thinks us heathens don't read the bible or any other book or newspaper, for that matter, preferring to arrogantly talk “over our heads” to her fanatical supporters.

She has a better track record than the train wreck from Alaska. She is academically qualified even though she got her degree from Oral Roberts University, founded by another alleged god directed, now departed soul.

Her signature issue both statewide and national is an anti gay agenda. She has a husband, a psychologist, who believes he can cure gay and lesbians of their homosexuality. They run two clinics just for that purpose back in Minnesota.

She has said The Lion King is gay propaganda.

Her self described mentor, a guy by the name of John Eidsmoe, makes a living writing books claiming America is a theocracy and not a democracy or Republic, and regularly speaks to White Supremacists organizations, about the “goodness” of the confederacy. She was his research assistant when he taught at Oral Roberts. His book, Christianity and the Constitution is an interesting read. Paranoid, racist and wrong as hell, but interesting none the less, if you like knowing where the crazies get their talking points.

Bachmman quotes Eidsmoe almost as much as she quotes god.

Eidsmoe is the source for Bachmann's stated belief that the founding fathers were the ones who freed the slaves instead of Abraham Lincoln. According to Eidsmoe the slave-holding fathers believed that simply setting free the slaves was cruel, inhumane and irresponsible and that slaves fared better when kept shackled on the plantation safe, with lots of work to do. That's why it took so long to free black people. The good whites were merely protecting them.

Last week, Bachmann told the Republican Leadership Conference that Barack Obama was trying to bankrupt Medicare in order to force senior citizens into his Affordable Health Care.


The only plan on the table killing Medicare is the one authored by fellow congressman Paul Ryan, signed off on by every other House Republican, including Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann goes after Obama at every opportunity. She says because her sole purpose is to make Obama a one term president. Yesterday on Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer asked her about her welfare queen tendencies by getting rich off the farm subsidy program. She responded by attempting to make an issue of Obama's use of limousines.

She attacked government spending by saying too many government workers were paid 170-thousand dollars a year..way too high for a government employee. That would include all 435 members of the House who make 174 thousand dollars a year.....is she thinking of taking a pay cut to help cut the deficit?

Doubt it.

Schieffer spent the whole half hour prefacing his questions with “I know you're not gonna answer, but I'm gonna ask, anyway...” And she didn't..sidestepped every one of em.

Unlike the snowbilly from Wasilla, Bachmann likes the spotlight, relishing her talks with the media. There will be no Katie Couric moments for Bachmann during this campaign. She's not ducking anybody except gay people. A few years back she made headlines by being found hiding in the bushes during an LGBT rally. Bachmann told the press when spotted, she was just studying lesbians.

Hell, all she has to do is to ask her sister, if she wants to know about lesbians. No need to hide in the bushes. In fact, her anti gay agenda has totally alienated her own family, an alienation well documented in Minnesota newspapers. You can read more here.

Bachmann has become very good at deflecting questions. Rather than answer what is asked she turns it around to attack Obama, regardless of the veracity of her words.

Ask her about her past statements such as, “cooperating with the US Census will lead to internment camps,” or voting for a bipartisan national service bill will lead to the formation of “re-education camps,” and she dismisses them by saying, “Oh, I was misquoted, “ or I misspoke.”

She lies, bats her big deer in headlights eyes, flutters her fake eyelashes and smiles that joker like smile, then moves on to another partial truth wrapped in innuendo and criticism.

Bachmann's problem besides being fanatic,  is that despite her years in government, she has no leadership responsibilities except the Tea Party Caucus, which she created, and actually knows very little about public policy and foreign affairs. Until very recently, her fellow congressmen wrote her name in the column marked stepford wife. Her attempts to become Speaker of the House were rebuffed unceremoniously by her congressional colleagues.

Bachmann has been described as “batshit crazy,” delusional, stupid and out of touch with reality. She is definitely not stupid.

But maybe her husband, Marcus, should be studying his wife instead of the little gay “barbarians” that he is trying to cure. Barbarian is his word for gay teenagers. Marcus was caught using the description during a radio interview, last year. He has since refused to talk on record since the tape was leaked.

So, the GOP has some hard choices ahead...They've got to choose between two Mormons, a Black great white hope, T-Paw, a closeted bigot, a wannabe rock-reality star, another failed and also delusional spotlight seeker, a wannabe secessionist and maybe candidate, and Bachmann, a total evangelical creation out to bring god into the governance of America.

Can't wait for the next debate.



Bey-Bey Effect

The quiet revolution sweeping America.

The latest in a series of US Census reports is the stuff of nightmares, if you happen to be an old white guy bent on taking back your country.  Cutting to the chase, according to the Census, white women ain't havin' white babies-at least all white, aryan looking little angels, who could potentially be molded into throwback versions of the old masters of the universe, and that's got bigoted conservatives scared to death. 

Current universal master spokesperson, Tony Perkins, president of the D.C. based Family Research Council, pointed out in a statement, reacting to the numbers, by claiming the economic impact of the decline of traditional American families will result in a country full of people (Black and brown) dependent upon  government assistance for survival.

"The decline of the traditional family will have to correct itself if we are to continue as a society,"..... "We don't need another dose of big government, but a new Hippocratic oath of 'do no harm' that doesn't interfere with family formation or seek to redefine family." -Tony Perkins

 Perkins went on to say the responsibility for change rests with individuals and the church.

And what has caused Perkins and others such pain and suffering? Well, for the first time in the history of the world,  or since figures were first kept in 1950,  Black women headed households outnumber Black married couples (30% to 28%). Most of the woman headed households are single women with children, although the figure also encompasses women who take care of older parents, or live with a sibling or two or three. 

The report also signals the death of marriage in America as we used to know it. In other words, Leave it to Beaver families of a working husband (male), stay at home wife (female), two kids (one boy and one girl), a dog named spot living in  a house surrounded by a white picket fence on a quiet block, is fading fast.  It is happening fast for white people but is moving at speed of light for minorities.

The experts tell us the changing social order should reach full bloom by mid-century...this century.

According to the report 60% of all 3 year olds counted back in 1990 were white. In 2009 non-Hispanic white 3 year olds make up almost half of the number tallied. Factoring in the data from 2010, last year, most babies counted and under the age of 2 are bey-bey's kids.

"We don't die...we multiply!"

The report is derived from the Current Population Survey and the 2009 American Community Survey which sampled 3-million American households, basically to see if whites still were the majority. These surveys showed white babies having the edge at 51%. However when 2010 figures are added in, white babies fell to second place, well below 50% of the population. This primarily because white women have fewer babies than minority women, specifically Hispanic women. 

In fact, 12 states and DC have more minority residents under the age of 5...these include, Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Mississippi....7 more states are on the "tipping block." They are Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, South Carolina and Delaware.

Compare this with the fact that 80% of old people, those 65 and older, as well as 73% of people 45-64, are white. 

One very interesting discovery is that states with high populations of old white people also have big populations of minority children. In other words, white people's kids are apparently having Black babies or mixed babies, to be politically correct. 

The war on brown people to stop this so called travesty is in full force in Ohio, for instance, where conservative groups are running wall to wall ads calling for a halt in LEGAL immigration, never mind ILLEGAL immigration. These groups don't want anyone allowed into America for any reason..not school and not to work, claiming legal immigrants are responsible for taking jobs away from Americans who want them.

Couple this blatant xenophobia with conservative efforts to gut and or privatize the public school system and I can see a real rumble building in the near future. 

Protectionism abounds in the laws being proposed around the country....proposals against immigrants...plans for banning gay marriage...and the plans to change or eliminate government health benefits such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Another interesting discovery- the number of single Black mothers is actually in decline, according to recent statistics. However  the number of Black marriages are declining faster. But this reflects the overall trend of  American disinclination to get married at all. 

Women headed households make up 19% of all Hispanic households versus 8% for both whites and Asians.  Nearly 1 in 10 Latino households are multigenerational households....parents, grandparents and children living under one roof. 

The other big number to jump out is the number of unmarried partners living together, both gay and straight. Families identifying as gay households have increased dramatically.

Bey-bey kids or an unmarried gay or straight couple with  natural or adopted bey-bey kids... coming to your block..sooner than you think...


Kasich and Legislature Still Stuck on Stupid

Kasich and Legislature continues war on women children and the middle class..

When you do something as dumb as snatching jobs away from the very people who need them, by halting the casino project, you better come back with something better and quick. Governor John Kasich seems to have done that. At least on the surface, anyway. The Cincinnati casino is finally going forward following a two month delay so Kasich's homies could raid the taxpayer filled Ohio treasury. Kasich wanted the voter approved deal "studied."

That's code for, "I have some friends who need an extra half million dollars, so here's the way we're going to give it to them."

Well the study  is now over. The casino developers get more tax breaks, the people of Ohio get 110 million dollars more on the deal spread out over the next ten years. And they get video slot machine gambling at Ohio racetracks, maybe. So yeah, work can resume on that hole in the ground at Broadway Commons in a couple of weeks.

Kasich didn't bother to reveal the amount of his own personal kickback, however.

This new deal may work out for Ohioans, but Kasich's methods leave a lot to be desired. Like all teabaggers who insist on hiding behind the rights and freedoms spelled out in the United States Constitution, Kasich goes against it whenever the mood suits him. In other words its good for the people, just not good for him unless it fits his designs and machinations against the people.

The people spoke, yet the Governor who is sworn to uphold the will of said people, chose to ignore it, with the typical teabag/GOP arrogance that assumes they know what's best for all the rest of us.

Stuck on stupid....

And then there is the Kasich budget which some say is "balanced on the backs of the middleclass."

What middle class? There are rich people and then there are poor people. The middleclass is swiftly going down the toilet like the American dream.  The Kasich budget is full of tax cuts for the upper 8%, while killing jobs and programs for those less fortunate, aka the ex middle class.

For example, women lose out by losing health care. The legislature added amendments into the budget, that have nothing to do with deficit reduction. These amendments ban access to abortions. One prohibits rural or unicorporated areas from offering abortion riders in employee insurance plans. A second amendment bans publicly funded hospitals from performing the procedure. Despite the protestations  of these legislative dimwits...taxpayer funds never, ever go for abortions, because of state and federal law already in place. So there is no need for more law to ban something already prohibited. Just another law designed to keep women in their place...barefoot, pregnant and depending on the masters of the universe for handouts.

Stuck on stupid....

The Kasich budget takes away 50% of all state funding for local governments. This measure along with the plan to privatize the Ohio prison system will cause 51,000 state workers to be fired, according to several governmental watchdog agencies.

Kasich cuts current education funding by 11.5%. That means 10,000 teachers are history, right off the top. You have only to listen to the local news about the various school districts to see how bad it has gotten with Kasich in control.

Stuck on stupid....

Even though the demand for services has increased by 23%, the Kasich budget cuts library funding by 5%. This may not seem like much until you understand that 5% is on top of the 30% in cuts that has taken place since the year 2000.

And get ready for more cuts in police and fire since most municipalities spend their state funding on services that protect and serve.  Worried about all those orange cone detour zones? Well don't fret. Kasich is cutting the money that cities previously used to fix the streets, too. Soon there will be no need for orange cones. And please, check the bridge before you drive over it.

Really stuck on stupid....

Kasich says he is probably going to sign this monument to jackassdom into law in the near future. It is a new law passed last night, the enables people to carry a concealed weapon into a bar, or a restaurant or a sports stadium.

The old law made them leave their piece locked up in the car while they filled up on booze. Now it is not necessary. Guess taking the gun off before you left your car was too much multi tasking for the concealed carry crowd.

Now, the genious lawmakers behind this travesty are quick to point out, that while the gun nuts can take their weapons inside the bar....they can't drink when they do it...not allowed...it's a felony if they drink and carry or shoot...Oh, I feel so safe knowing that.

The law affects roughly 17,000 establishments in Ohio, but it doesn't affect school sports arenas, or churches...still can't shoot in church...at least in Ohio, anyway... at least, not yet.... give em time....

Yeah... totally stuck on stupid...


Politic Wars-The War Against Obama

Not so long ago in the galaxy that we inhabit.....

The brothers Koch, twin wizards, the pair
Put out a call to their champions,  make haste to the state of  New Hampshire.
They have only one goal, and that is  to find,
One among them  strong enough to retake DC
Solely for the purpose of kicking out the rabble in the White House, you see.
The brothers want Obami-wan and Princess Michelle, gone,  vanquished, returned to Chicago. Out of sight...out of mind...out of the way
of the real  masters of the universe, who always rule the day.

A whole round table of champions answered the call
But only seven showed up, veteran warriors all.

The head of the table claimed by Sir Mitt of Mormon,
A presidential specimen if ever there was one.
All spit shined and polished with nary an out of place hair,
No substance, all talk, no real thoughts to share.

Enter, Sir Newton, who just lost his army,
He  vows to fight  on alone, but only if necessary.
He has convinced himself in the world that he inhabits,
The little people love him and desperately need him
To toss out the knaves who are ruining their days.
So Newt answers the call with his lady at his side
Macbeth she is named by the media who hide
out of her reach when she passes by.

Sir Herman of Cain, the pizza man king
Thinks he's ready to step into the heavyweight ring
He's come to believe that he is the next great white hope,
No James Earl Jones here, he's as bad as the pope.
Rescuing America is what he plans to do,
Pepperoni pizza for all
Unless you prefer tofu.

Sir Paul the libertarian is at it again,
Says the world is finally coming around to his way of viewing
Not sure what that means, but I'm sure he will tell us when he so deigns
No newsletter for him, Paul will just talk at us, instead.
Past newsletters you see are very bigoted in tenor,
Not wise  in the biracially brown world that is nearly upon us.
Deny bigoted thoughts, he can't because it is obvious
His demon spawn named Rand has memorized
both chapter and verse, using it as a gameplan
to conquer earth.

Sir Timothy T-Paw Pawlenty,  Minnesota's Vanilla Ice,
searching for the beat, looking for a pulse
trying to find his voice among the cacophony of noise.
Drowned out by the other more vocal crew.
Easily overlooked, doesn't stand out.
Blink and you miss him
Not surprising, no doubt.

Sir Rick of Santorum, don't know why he surfaced.
Long thought politically dead, killed by the verbal poisons
regularly spewing from his mouth, and rumbling through his head.
Hates women and gays and lesbians too.
Black people don't stand a chance
if little Ricky Sunshine makes it through.

And last but not least is the Lady Michele
she of the deer trapped in headlights stare
oft blinded but never at a loss for words,
which often come  garbled,  spilling out nonsensical rhymes
leaving only  confusion and mystification in their  unfocused wake.

The seven stood their ground, talking points imbedded,
rehearsed over and over until convinced they really said it.
Nothing new did they add to the political conversation.
It was old talk..2008 talk..we've heard it before,
There is no surprise, here.  The only real message
laid on the table last night, was to take down Obami-wan
 and turn back the clock.


John Boehner's Voodoo Econ Plan

Got a question for you....given a choice between a 40 year old Edsel and a 2011 hybrid Explorer, which car would you drive? Or to put it another way, if you were asked to give up your I-pad computer and required to work on an Apple IIe, in order to do your job, would you be happy to make the change?

For most, the answer to both questions is a resounding "no!" No Edsel and no Apple IIe.

The Edsel was a lousy car, conceived by an ego driven business mogul paying homage to his son of the same name, that thankfully didn't last very long. Nobody would buy it and those who did, complained about its inefficiency and bad ride.  The old Apple computer was great for its time, back in the day. However it is vastly outclassed by 21st century computing machines. Completely inefficient by today's standards.

New and modern with better ease of use has always ruled the day and pushed humans further into the future. Progress is a good one word description.

Yet, with the American love for the shiny and new,  why do we still embrace a 40 year old economic theory that has never worked? Talking about voodoo economics, now called  the GOP plan for job creation, that Speaker of the House John Boehner will unveil today during another rotary club speech in Middletown.

The complete plan is on Boehner's website. You can read it here.

To sum it up it is heavy on more tax cuts for the wealthy, budget reductions for all social programs including killing medicare and social security, as well as a  massive elimination of regulations designed to protect the middle class from predatory corporations. It is pretty much a rewrite of  Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan, which is a rewrite of the plan put forth by Bush the younger, which was a rewrite of the Contract on America, which was a rewrite on Bush the Elder's plan, which was inherited from Ronald Reagan's voodoo economics, spiced up by the fictional free market philosophies created by writer Ayn Rand.

 SOPDD...same old plan, different day.

Nothing new dating all the way back to the day Ronald Reagan came up with the plan to screw the middle class into oblivion. Bush the elder, an old school Republican, actually coined the phrase "voodoo economics" recognizing the falacies of the logic. Then he promptly sold his soul to the devil and became Reagan's VP effectively signing onto and thereby validating the lie that is trickle down economics.

If Bush had stood firm, voodoo economics might have gone the way of the Edsel. Instead it continues to hang around today, 40 years later, helping more conservative right wing zealots nail down the lid on the coffin of middle America.

Reagan promised to balance the budget in 4 years...he didn't.  Then he promised to balance the budget in 4 more years...he didn't. Bush the Elder found himself in the unenviable position of attempting to balance the budget while promising not to raise taxes...he couldn't.

Along comes Bill Clinton who stops the trickle down craziness and low and behold the budget balances and son of a gun, there is is even a budget surplus.

Then Bush the younger comes in and promptly reinstates trickle down..slashes taxes...starts two wars illegally...authors a massive social program with no way to pay for it...usurps the civil liberties and freedoms of American citizens. ends most deregulation allowing business to run roughshod and amok and suddenly America is on the brink of collapse.

Come 2008, The American people, tired of the illegal wars, and a tanking economy, wrap this pile of dogstuff into a  leaky brown paper bag and hand it to Barack Obama and tell the anointed "magic negro"  to dispose of it like a a good boy, quickly, which is of course, impossible.

To make matters worse, they don't give BTMN a full four years to effect change....the American people give him two years instead of four to scrub the congressional hallways clean. They don't give him any help...just tell him  to git her done.

Obama has accomplished many wonderful things for the American people...almost everything except create jobs, leaving the American people very unhappy with the situation and still seeking change.

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting change. Well, that is exactly what the American people keep doing. Unhappy with Obama's apparent timidity and or unwillingness to act more decisively, the midterm elections were used to reinstate  the teabag driven GOP, which immediately took it upon itself to declare war on women and children. The destruction of the middle class was returned to the front burner.

Boehner and company ran on the premise that they would create jobs....They have not...In fact...they haven't tried being too busy pushing their outdated, and bigoted social mores onto the rest of the population. From the midterms on, it has been painfully obvious once again, that the only agenda for the GOP is to dismantle the great society, take women out of the workforce and defeat Barack Obama at all costs, even if it means sinking America. Long live trickle down economics.

And it will, unless America breaks the crazy loop in which it is caught and rejects the voodoo creation that is the Ryan/Boehner/GOP's Job Creation plan, once and for all.


Kasich Fiddles While Cincinnati Burns

Governor playing politics with the lives and well being of Ohio's citizens.

Hey John,

It's been what, two, three weeks since you pulled the plug on the casino project in order to pump some more cash into your homies pockets out in California. I'm sure they're  lovin' you handing them a  study of the people-mandated casino project, here in Ohio.

Hell, I'd be happy to do your study for you too at $400 an hour. And just like them, I'd probably be taking my time finding your answers or solutions that fit your plan, whatever that happens to be, since  I'm not really sure what it is you're doing. Especially since you managed to convince a lot of people that you were going to create jobs first and for everyone, if they made you governor.

But so far instead of creation, you've rained down total destruction on the Buckeye State. No part in the national  light rail system, no street car for Cincinnati, less school funding, making criminals of honest working people and this casino thing which, as if you didn't know, hurts all the big cities in Ohio, not just Cincinnati. The casino wasn't federal...it was Ohio...If you want to hurt Obama... refuse the stimulus funds...trash health care reform...don't screw your own people....although refusing funds and killing health care is the same as making us bend over without benefit of vaseline....it would take longer to feel it than the up close and personal baseball bat whack on our knees that you delivered with the casino suspension.

In fact, you've been a busy little beaver up there in Columbus, when you're not flitting around the state attempting to convince us constituents that you have our best interests at heart. Buy a clue, John, the best way to convince us of your concern for us was to let well enough alone. Let the jobs roll, so to speak. But along with destroying what work force we have left since your president, Dubya, left office, (you remember him, I think), you've also allowed the crazy fringe of your party to declare war on women and children.

What's up with that? You ticked off at your wife? Well why take it out on the rest of us?

But I digress, let's get back to this casino thingey. You know your study is bogus. There was no need to pull the plug and study the matter. The people...as in we the people...voted and approved the measure by a very big margin. It was and remains a good deal. Your input was totally unnecessary. All you had to do was drive the bus and not drive over us in the process. But all you saw was space and opportunity for making money for you and your cronies, and no amount of spin is going to change the fact that you are playing politics with the lives of the people.

I mean come on....your California buddies have a working relationship with the casinos in Indiana..you know the ones that Ohio's casinos are going to compete against if they ever get built? Can't you see the problem with your sudden attempt at a cash grab at our expense?

You just  had to prove you're in charge. You're the man. You're our second rate John Wayne wannabe cowboy of a governor who couldn't wait to trash the state, stop the recovery, kill the comeback in education, put another nail in the coffin of the disappearing middle class.

If you wanted to play cowboys and indians, why didn't you move to Texas? There's a fool down there who wants to secede from the Union. Maybe if you put your half a brain with the quarter of a brain housed in his skull, you might figure out a way to be annexed by Mexico and Ohio would be in the midst of major recovery, instead of backslidding into bankruptcy once again.

Heck, Texas annexed by Mexico would be a good thing for you GOP/teabaggers...fewer American mouths to feed...smaller government, right...that's what y'all keep preachin', isn't it?

Every few days the news media asks you "whass up, Gov?"  And your office says the email update is coming, and nothing lands in the inbox that day or the next. So what, you having your emails delivered by the postal service? Is there someone in your office who understands the workings of the "send" button?  Inquiring minds want to know, John.

Either way, you need to ask somebody and quick.

Talk at cha later Gov.

"Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!"

Sarah Palin's mystifying bus tour to the "statute" of liberty and beyond....

"This away ballerina...that away ballerina...this away ballerina...all night long!"
"Strut miz lizzy....strut miz lizzy...strut miz lizzy...all night long!"

Remember that  old playground game where the kids line up and sing the song as each takes a turn in the spotlight...struttin' their stuff for all to see. Well Palin's tour is it...just spread out over a bigger playground.

Except instead of a group of kids playing games, it's just Palin and Todd followed by a massive hord of media, recording her every move. They think she's going to run for president and this is her impromptu way of preparing the ground.

Well, seems the only thing she really wants is the spotlight perpetually shining on her. There doesn't seem to be a public service bone anywhere in her body.

Mother's bone either...one particularly galling photo op from earlier this week, had Sarah stepping out of her bus with her youngest child draped like a sack of flour over her shoulder as she addressed reporters. The kid was hanging there like a prop.  The other kid dutifully at her feet in her mother's shadow, with Todd skulking in the background, the perfect fame seeking American family on vacation.

Who does she think she's fooling?

Palin may be interested in running for president...she might even want to live in the White House and partake in the perks that come with being First Family. But running the country, that's something totally different.

She has already shown that she has no stomach or substance for governance. She quit remember, for no real reason, half way through  her term as governor. Alaskan Governor was just something to do until bigger and better things showed up.....like running for Vice President with John McCain.

And look at all the money she's made....do you really think she is going to walk away from the cash cow..doubt it!

No, she has simply expanded her reality show and instead of Palin's Alaska, she wants us to think the new show is Palin's America. She's even moved to Arizona to prove she can exist in the lower 48. Being president...that's right up there with being Queen...except the USA doesn't have an official queen...plenty of queens to go around...just not an official one...

Question: Since the Black community is probably the most conservative community in America...is Palin's conservative-unifying tour going to make stops in some of America's ghettos, too?

Just askin. Would love to see her in Avondale or Roselawn or Evanston. But I guess Todd wouldn't like that too much. His past affiliations with the Alaskan Independence Party reveal his discomfort with minorities....even though Sarah keeps trying to reassure everybody that Todd is half Eskimo and therefore minority acceptable or biracial.

Besides girlfriend can always reach back into her own closet of "others" and pull out her lesbian friend from high school or her black witchdoctor, religious mentor from that church she claims to attend. They can vouch for her compassionate conservative inclusiveness.

Anyway that's all it takes to sway minorities into voting...just wave a symbol at em to show them you care....like dance at Cinco de Mayo....or beat a drum and shake your booty during a Kwanzah celebration....or gather in a big circle for a rousing chorus of "cum by yah" with everybody...works everytime..doesn't it?

"This away ballerina...that away ballerina...this away ballerina...all night long!"
"Strut miz lizzy....strut miz lizzy...strut miz lizzy...all night long!"