"Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!"

Sarah Palin's mystifying bus tour to the "statute" of liberty and beyond....

"This away ballerina...that away ballerina...this away ballerina...all night long!"
"Strut miz lizzy....strut miz lizzy...strut miz lizzy...all night long!"

Remember that  old playground game where the kids line up and sing the song as each takes a turn in the spotlight...struttin' their stuff for all to see. Well Palin's tour is it...just spread out over a bigger playground.

Except instead of a group of kids playing games, it's just Palin and Todd followed by a massive hord of media, recording her every move. They think she's going to run for president and this is her impromptu way of preparing the ground.

Well, seems the only thing she really wants is the spotlight perpetually shining on her. There doesn't seem to be a public service bone anywhere in her body.

Mother's bone either...one particularly galling photo op from earlier this week, had Sarah stepping out of her bus with her youngest child draped like a sack of flour over her shoulder as she addressed reporters. The kid was hanging there like a prop.  The other kid dutifully at her feet in her mother's shadow, with Todd skulking in the background, the perfect fame seeking American family on vacation.

Who does she think she's fooling?

Palin may be interested in running for president...she might even want to live in the White House and partake in the perks that come with being First Family. But running the country, that's something totally different.

She has already shown that she has no stomach or substance for governance. She quit remember, for no real reason, half way through  her term as governor. Alaskan Governor was just something to do until bigger and better things showed up.....like running for Vice President with John McCain.

And look at all the money she's made....do you really think she is going to walk away from the cash cow..doubt it!

No, she has simply expanded her reality show and instead of Palin's Alaska, she wants us to think the new show is Palin's America. She's even moved to Arizona to prove she can exist in the lower 48. Being president...that's right up there with being Queen...except the USA doesn't have an official queen...plenty of queens to go around...just not an official one...

Question: Since the Black community is probably the most conservative community in America...is Palin's conservative-unifying tour going to make stops in some of America's ghettos, too?

Just askin. Would love to see her in Avondale or Roselawn or Evanston. But I guess Todd wouldn't like that too much. His past affiliations with the Alaskan Independence Party reveal his discomfort with minorities....even though Sarah keeps trying to reassure everybody that Todd is half Eskimo and therefore minority acceptable or biracial.

Besides girlfriend can always reach back into her own closet of "others" and pull out her lesbian friend from high school or her black witchdoctor, religious mentor from that church she claims to attend. They can vouch for her compassionate conservative inclusiveness.

Anyway that's all it takes to sway minorities into voting...just wave a symbol at em to show them you care....like dance at Cinco de Mayo....or beat a drum and shake your booty during a Kwanzah celebration....or gather in a big circle for a rousing chorus of "cum by yah" with everybody...works everytime..doesn't it?

"This away ballerina...that away ballerina...this away ballerina...all night long!"
"Strut miz lizzy....strut miz lizzy...strut miz lizzy...all night long!"

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