Kasich and Legislature Still Stuck on Stupid

Kasich and Legislature continues war on women children and the middle class..

When you do something as dumb as snatching jobs away from the very people who need them, by halting the casino project, you better come back with something better and quick. Governor John Kasich seems to have done that. At least on the surface, anyway. The Cincinnati casino is finally going forward following a two month delay so Kasich's homies could raid the taxpayer filled Ohio treasury. Kasich wanted the voter approved deal "studied."

That's code for, "I have some friends who need an extra half million dollars, so here's the way we're going to give it to them."

Well the study  is now over. The casino developers get more tax breaks, the people of Ohio get 110 million dollars more on the deal spread out over the next ten years. And they get video slot machine gambling at Ohio racetracks, maybe. So yeah, work can resume on that hole in the ground at Broadway Commons in a couple of weeks.

Kasich didn't bother to reveal the amount of his own personal kickback, however.

This new deal may work out for Ohioans, but Kasich's methods leave a lot to be desired. Like all teabaggers who insist on hiding behind the rights and freedoms spelled out in the United States Constitution, Kasich goes against it whenever the mood suits him. In other words its good for the people, just not good for him unless it fits his designs and machinations against the people.

The people spoke, yet the Governor who is sworn to uphold the will of said people, chose to ignore it, with the typical teabag/GOP arrogance that assumes they know what's best for all the rest of us.

Stuck on stupid....

And then there is the Kasich budget which some say is "balanced on the backs of the middleclass."

What middle class? There are rich people and then there are poor people. The middleclass is swiftly going down the toilet like the American dream.  The Kasich budget is full of tax cuts for the upper 8%, while killing jobs and programs for those less fortunate, aka the ex middle class.

For example, women lose out by losing health care. The legislature added amendments into the budget, that have nothing to do with deficit reduction. These amendments ban access to abortions. One prohibits rural or unicorporated areas from offering abortion riders in employee insurance plans. A second amendment bans publicly funded hospitals from performing the procedure. Despite the protestations  of these legislative dimwits...taxpayer funds never, ever go for abortions, because of state and federal law already in place. So there is no need for more law to ban something already prohibited. Just another law designed to keep women in their place...barefoot, pregnant and depending on the masters of the universe for handouts.

Stuck on stupid....

The Kasich budget takes away 50% of all state funding for local governments. This measure along with the plan to privatize the Ohio prison system will cause 51,000 state workers to be fired, according to several governmental watchdog agencies.

Kasich cuts current education funding by 11.5%. That means 10,000 teachers are history, right off the top. You have only to listen to the local news about the various school districts to see how bad it has gotten with Kasich in control.

Stuck on stupid....

Even though the demand for services has increased by 23%, the Kasich budget cuts library funding by 5%. This may not seem like much until you understand that 5% is on top of the 30% in cuts that has taken place since the year 2000.

And get ready for more cuts in police and fire since most municipalities spend their state funding on services that protect and serve.  Worried about all those orange cone detour zones? Well don't fret. Kasich is cutting the money that cities previously used to fix the streets, too. Soon there will be no need for orange cones. And please, check the bridge before you drive over it.

Really stuck on stupid....

Kasich says he is probably going to sign this monument to jackassdom into law in the near future. It is a new law passed last night, the enables people to carry a concealed weapon into a bar, or a restaurant or a sports stadium.

The old law made them leave their piece locked up in the car while they filled up on booze. Now it is not necessary. Guess taking the gun off before you left your car was too much multi tasking for the concealed carry crowd.

Now, the genious lawmakers behind this travesty are quick to point out, that while the gun nuts can take their weapons inside the bar....they can't drink when they do it...not allowed...it's a felony if they drink and carry or shoot...Oh, I feel so safe knowing that.

The law affects roughly 17,000 establishments in Ohio, but it doesn't affect school sports arenas, or churches...still can't shoot in church...at least in Ohio, anyway... at least, not yet.... give em time....

Yeah... totally stuck on stupid...

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