Michele Bachmann is Not a Flake

The good news is another woman is going to run for president. The bad news is it's Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

The tea party loves her. Her evangelical followers love her. Conservative republicans love her. The moderate GOP, meh, not so much. They also haven't asked the rest of us yet. Among her peoples-those who are going to vote in Iowa, she has a big lead over Mitt Romney. So that makes her the latest media darling of the MSM.

The media is making a big deal of a FOX news question, Sunday, asking Bachmann if she is a “flake.” She told them that was an insult and not really worth her attention, and I agree. She is not flake.

Flakes tend to be harmless...annoyingly pranksterish...juvenile...immature....fun loving at other people's expense....They may drink too much or party too much or cheat on their wives....a nuisance, yes, but not much else. When I think of a flake, the name Newt Gingrich comes to mind.

No, Michele Bachmann is not a flake....She is, however, very, very dangerous.

Bachmann says god told her to run for president. She is a born again Christian bordering on the fanatic. Even talks in bible code straight from Deuteronomy, so those of us heathens outside the faith won't understand what she is really saying during her speeches.

Guess she thinks us heathens don't read the bible or any other book or newspaper, for that matter, preferring to arrogantly talk “over our heads” to her fanatical supporters.

She has a better track record than the train wreck from Alaska. She is academically qualified even though she got her degree from Oral Roberts University, founded by another alleged god directed, now departed soul.

Her signature issue both statewide and national is an anti gay agenda. She has a husband, a psychologist, who believes he can cure gay and lesbians of their homosexuality. They run two clinics just for that purpose back in Minnesota.

She has said The Lion King is gay propaganda.

Her self described mentor, a guy by the name of John Eidsmoe, makes a living writing books claiming America is a theocracy and not a democracy or Republic, and regularly speaks to White Supremacists organizations, about the “goodness” of the confederacy. She was his research assistant when he taught at Oral Roberts. His book, Christianity and the Constitution is an interesting read. Paranoid, racist and wrong as hell, but interesting none the less, if you like knowing where the crazies get their talking points.

Bachmman quotes Eidsmoe almost as much as she quotes god.

Eidsmoe is the source for Bachmann's stated belief that the founding fathers were the ones who freed the slaves instead of Abraham Lincoln. According to Eidsmoe the slave-holding fathers believed that simply setting free the slaves was cruel, inhumane and irresponsible and that slaves fared better when kept shackled on the plantation safe, with lots of work to do. That's why it took so long to free black people. The good whites were merely protecting them.

Last week, Bachmann told the Republican Leadership Conference that Barack Obama was trying to bankrupt Medicare in order to force senior citizens into his Affordable Health Care.


The only plan on the table killing Medicare is the one authored by fellow congressman Paul Ryan, signed off on by every other House Republican, including Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann goes after Obama at every opportunity. She says because her sole purpose is to make Obama a one term president. Yesterday on Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer asked her about her welfare queen tendencies by getting rich off the farm subsidy program. She responded by attempting to make an issue of Obama's use of limousines.

She attacked government spending by saying too many government workers were paid 170-thousand dollars a year..way too high for a government employee. That would include all 435 members of the House who make 174 thousand dollars a year.....is she thinking of taking a pay cut to help cut the deficit?

Doubt it.

Schieffer spent the whole half hour prefacing his questions with “I know you're not gonna answer, but I'm gonna ask, anyway...” And she didn't..sidestepped every one of em.

Unlike the snowbilly from Wasilla, Bachmann likes the spotlight, relishing her talks with the media. There will be no Katie Couric moments for Bachmann during this campaign. She's not ducking anybody except gay people. A few years back she made headlines by being found hiding in the bushes during an LGBT rally. Bachmann told the press when spotted, she was just studying lesbians.

Hell, all she has to do is to ask her sister, if she wants to know about lesbians. No need to hide in the bushes. In fact, her anti gay agenda has totally alienated her own family, an alienation well documented in Minnesota newspapers. You can read more here.

Bachmann has become very good at deflecting questions. Rather than answer what is asked she turns it around to attack Obama, regardless of the veracity of her words.

Ask her about her past statements such as, “cooperating with the US Census will lead to internment camps,” or voting for a bipartisan national service bill will lead to the formation of “re-education camps,” and she dismisses them by saying, “Oh, I was misquoted, “ or I misspoke.”

She lies, bats her big deer in headlights eyes, flutters her fake eyelashes and smiles that joker like smile, then moves on to another partial truth wrapped in innuendo and criticism.

Bachmann's problem besides being fanatic,  is that despite her years in government, she has no leadership responsibilities except the Tea Party Caucus, which she created, and actually knows very little about public policy and foreign affairs. Until very recently, her fellow congressmen wrote her name in the column marked stepford wife. Her attempts to become Speaker of the House were rebuffed unceremoniously by her congressional colleagues.

Bachmann has been described as “batshit crazy,” delusional, stupid and out of touch with reality. She is definitely not stupid.

But maybe her husband, Marcus, should be studying his wife instead of the little gay “barbarians” that he is trying to cure. Barbarian is his word for gay teenagers. Marcus was caught using the description during a radio interview, last year. He has since refused to talk on record since the tape was leaked.

So, the GOP has some hard choices ahead...They've got to choose between two Mormons, a Black great white hope, T-Paw, a closeted bigot, a wannabe rock-reality star, another failed and also delusional spotlight seeker, a wannabe secessionist and maybe candidate, and Bachmann, a total evangelical creation out to bring god into the governance of America.

Can't wait for the next debate.

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