Kasich Fiddles While Cincinnati Burns

Governor playing politics with the lives and well being of Ohio's citizens.

Hey John,

It's been what, two, three weeks since you pulled the plug on the casino project in order to pump some more cash into your homies pockets out in California. I'm sure they're  lovin' you handing them a  study of the people-mandated casino project, here in Ohio.

Hell, I'd be happy to do your study for you too at $400 an hour. And just like them, I'd probably be taking my time finding your answers or solutions that fit your plan, whatever that happens to be, since  I'm not really sure what it is you're doing. Especially since you managed to convince a lot of people that you were going to create jobs first and for everyone, if they made you governor.

But so far instead of creation, you've rained down total destruction on the Buckeye State. No part in the national  light rail system, no street car for Cincinnati, less school funding, making criminals of honest working people and this casino thing which, as if you didn't know, hurts all the big cities in Ohio, not just Cincinnati. The casino wasn't federal...it was Ohio...If you want to hurt Obama... refuse the stimulus funds...trash health care reform...don't screw your own people....although refusing funds and killing health care is the same as making us bend over without benefit of vaseline....it would take longer to feel it than the up close and personal baseball bat whack on our knees that you delivered with the casino suspension.

In fact, you've been a busy little beaver up there in Columbus, when you're not flitting around the state attempting to convince us constituents that you have our best interests at heart. Buy a clue, John, the best way to convince us of your concern for us was to let well enough alone. Let the jobs roll, so to speak. But along with destroying what work force we have left since your president, Dubya, left office, (you remember him, I think), you've also allowed the crazy fringe of your party to declare war on women and children.

What's up with that? You ticked off at your wife? Well why take it out on the rest of us?

But I digress, let's get back to this casino thingey. You know your study is bogus. There was no need to pull the plug and study the matter. The people...as in we the people...voted and approved the measure by a very big margin. It was and remains a good deal. Your input was totally unnecessary. All you had to do was drive the bus and not drive over us in the process. But all you saw was space and opportunity for making money for you and your cronies, and no amount of spin is going to change the fact that you are playing politics with the lives of the people.

I mean come on....your California buddies have a working relationship with the casinos in Indiana..you know the ones that Ohio's casinos are going to compete against if they ever get built? Can't you see the problem with your sudden attempt at a cash grab at our expense?

You just  had to prove you're in charge. You're the man. You're our second rate John Wayne wannabe cowboy of a governor who couldn't wait to trash the state, stop the recovery, kill the comeback in education, put another nail in the coffin of the disappearing middle class.

If you wanted to play cowboys and indians, why didn't you move to Texas? There's a fool down there who wants to secede from the Union. Maybe if you put your half a brain with the quarter of a brain housed in his skull, you might figure out a way to be annexed by Mexico and Ohio would be in the midst of major recovery, instead of backslidding into bankruptcy once again.

Heck, Texas annexed by Mexico would be a good thing for you GOP/teabaggers...fewer American mouths to feed...smaller government, right...that's what y'all keep preachin', isn't it?

Every few days the news media asks you "whass up, Gov?"  And your office says the email update is coming, and nothing lands in the inbox that day or the next. So what, you having your emails delivered by the postal service? Is there someone in your office who understands the workings of the "send" button?  Inquiring minds want to know, John.

Either way, you need to ask somebody and quick.

Talk at cha later Gov.

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