Bey-Bey Effect

The quiet revolution sweeping America.

The latest in a series of US Census reports is the stuff of nightmares, if you happen to be an old white guy bent on taking back your country.  Cutting to the chase, according to the Census, white women ain't havin' white babies-at least all white, aryan looking little angels, who could potentially be molded into throwback versions of the old masters of the universe, and that's got bigoted conservatives scared to death. 

Current universal master spokesperson, Tony Perkins, president of the D.C. based Family Research Council, pointed out in a statement, reacting to the numbers, by claiming the economic impact of the decline of traditional American families will result in a country full of people (Black and brown) dependent upon  government assistance for survival.

"The decline of the traditional family will have to correct itself if we are to continue as a society,"..... "We don't need another dose of big government, but a new Hippocratic oath of 'do no harm' that doesn't interfere with family formation or seek to redefine family." -Tony Perkins

 Perkins went on to say the responsibility for change rests with individuals and the church.

And what has caused Perkins and others such pain and suffering? Well, for the first time in the history of the world,  or since figures were first kept in 1950,  Black women headed households outnumber Black married couples (30% to 28%). Most of the woman headed households are single women with children, although the figure also encompasses women who take care of older parents, or live with a sibling or two or three. 

The report also signals the death of marriage in America as we used to know it. In other words, Leave it to Beaver families of a working husband (male), stay at home wife (female), two kids (one boy and one girl), a dog named spot living in  a house surrounded by a white picket fence on a quiet block, is fading fast.  It is happening fast for white people but is moving at speed of light for minorities.

The experts tell us the changing social order should reach full bloom by mid-century...this century.

According to the report 60% of all 3 year olds counted back in 1990 were white. In 2009 non-Hispanic white 3 year olds make up almost half of the number tallied. Factoring in the data from 2010, last year, most babies counted and under the age of 2 are bey-bey's kids.

"We don't die...we multiply!"

The report is derived from the Current Population Survey and the 2009 American Community Survey which sampled 3-million American households, basically to see if whites still were the majority. These surveys showed white babies having the edge at 51%. However when 2010 figures are added in, white babies fell to second place, well below 50% of the population. This primarily because white women have fewer babies than minority women, specifically Hispanic women. 

In fact, 12 states and DC have more minority residents under the age of 5...these include, Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Mississippi....7 more states are on the "tipping block." They are Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, South Carolina and Delaware.

Compare this with the fact that 80% of old people, those 65 and older, as well as 73% of people 45-64, are white. 

One very interesting discovery is that states with high populations of old white people also have big populations of minority children. In other words, white people's kids are apparently having Black babies or mixed babies, to be politically correct. 

The war on brown people to stop this so called travesty is in full force in Ohio, for instance, where conservative groups are running wall to wall ads calling for a halt in LEGAL immigration, never mind ILLEGAL immigration. These groups don't want anyone allowed into America for any reason..not school and not to work, claiming legal immigrants are responsible for taking jobs away from Americans who want them.

Couple this blatant xenophobia with conservative efforts to gut and or privatize the public school system and I can see a real rumble building in the near future. 

Protectionism abounds in the laws being proposed around the country....proposals against immigrants...plans for banning gay marriage...and the plans to change or eliminate government health benefits such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Another interesting discovery- the number of single Black mothers is actually in decline, according to recent statistics. However  the number of Black marriages are declining faster. But this reflects the overall trend of  American disinclination to get married at all. 

Women headed households make up 19% of all Hispanic households versus 8% for both whites and Asians.  Nearly 1 in 10 Latino households are multigenerational households....parents, grandparents and children living under one roof. 

The other big number to jump out is the number of unmarried partners living together, both gay and straight. Families identifying as gay households have increased dramatically.

Bey-bey kids or an unmarried gay or straight couple with  natural or adopted bey-bey kids... coming to your block..sooner than you think...

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