Who let the dogs out? OBAMA! You Betcha!

Ain't no half steppin' when this president sends in the cavalry. No sirree! Pirates take a ship with an American crew, Obama says shoot em in the head and they did. Three shots...BAM! Ship no longer hijacked. Hostages safe.

And Osama Bin Laden, the fool who 10 years ago, started all this crap in the first place...caught hiding in plain sight...just like some of us imagined. I always figured we'd find Bin Laden in New York hunkered down in the Bin Laden family condo on Time Square.

It wasn't New York, but it was a luxurious house in Pakistan within shouting distance of the seat of government and the Pakistani version of West Point. He was there with family according to reports, living the life of a king in exile.

Can't tell me the Pakistani government didn't know he was there. And I'll bet my next paycheck that the intel only got real when Obama told our people to bypass the known government snitches and do the intel on their own, like it should a been from jump.

One of the big downsides of Don't Ask Don't Tell was that most, if not many of those drummed out the military for being gay were translators who could have been put to better use in the hunt for Bin Laden, and doing what they were trained to do rather than being forced to stay in the closet to calm the homophobic tendencies of the brass back in the Pentagon and on Capital Hill. Osama might have been caught a lot sooner than later, we might still not be in Iraq or Afghanistan and Bush might really have had his Mission Accomplished moment instead of a photo shopped photo op.

The Navy seals double tapped Bin Laden's ass......shot him in the head and delivered a second tap for good measure. End of story, body put in a bag and dumped at sea...all in accordance with Islamic scripture, we're being told, this to keep his grave from becoming a terrorist holy site.

Reports tell us this was plan B...Plan A was to simply drop a bunker buster bomb on his head...but that would have obliterated all the evidence, thereby allowing conspiracy theorists with names like Berg, Bachmann, Taitz and Trump to run with a newer and more delusional fantasy.

America needed to be able to point to the house and show the wicked witch's feet sticking out from under it. So President Obama demanded his "ding dong the witch is dead!" moment. President Obama has really earned his ruby slippers. Think they will leave him alone now...Nope!

This has been a very big weekend when it comes to taking out despots. NATO scored an "almost" on Khaddafyi in Libya...they reportedly got some family members and now America takes out Al Qaeda Number 1. All of this on the historical anniversary of the downfall of Adolf Hitler. Bitchin'!

Enjoy your day, Mr. President..you've earned every second of it.

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