Give Me Some Bullets with Those Tequila Shots, Please

Ohio's Downward Spiral into Teabag Insanity

"Our bill says you cannot consume alcohol and exercise your rights as a conceal carry license holder......... Alcohol and weapons do not mix."
-Ohio State Rep Terry Johnson (R)

No shit Sherlock!

And after saying that, Johnson proceeds to sponsor a bill allowing  people to carry concealed weapons into restaurants and bars.  Even more terrifying is the fact that the Ohio House GOP passed the measure without protest, last Friday.

Johnson justifies his bill by saying it takes the confusion out of Ohio's current concealed carry law which bans guns in the same spaces where alcohol is sold, meaning you can't take your piece to  a restaurant, a bar, in a shopping mall, nightclub, retail outlet or  on a riverboat.

The current law seems pretty straight forward to me...if you're going out shopping or taking your wife on a date night, then leave your gun at home or in the car. If that is confusing, then maybe those confused folks should not have been issued concealed carry permits in the first place.

According to Johnson, business owners can still post their establishments as gun free zones...probably do as much good as those signs proclaiming bars to be smoke free zones.

The republicans backing this bill say it allows "law abiding citizens" to legally defend themselves....Defend themselves? From what?

People who have concealed carry weapons ain't shootin' nobody! Especially in self defense. Most gun accidents still happen in the home...Black men still kill other Black men and...white people still kill other white people, usually their wives or girlfriends,  usually during domestic incidents and the cops kill the rest.

Concealed carry to discourage crime is a myth...just like stranger danger....most sexual pervs come from inside the family or is the neighbor next door or across the street.....most kids are kidnapped by a parent...societal myths...one and all...

House Bill 45 passed with all GOP/teabaggers voting in favor and all Democrats voting against.

And a word to stupid Democrats....offering amendments that ban guns only in urban...read that black neighborhoods is not only discriminatory...but racist as well...

It will now go to the Senate which in all likelihood will approve along party lines, sending it to our teabag governor to sign into law.

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