Dear John Kasich-An Open Letter

Dear Governor,

I am one of your constituents who did not vote for you in the last election, and based upon your work since your swearing in, my fears about your inability to handle the job have come to quick fruition. Your past record revealed you to be anti woman, anti worker,  anti black and anti gay, and that is why you didn't get my vote in the first place since I am all of the above. Well, you certainly didn't lie to us about it. I will give you credit for that. If your goal is to drive away everyone from Ohio who is not male, white and over 60..you're succeeding royally.

You ran on a platform of jobs and prosperity for  all the people of Ohio. Yet you didn't see fit to put Blacks,  minorities and women in your cabinet, and we have seen no jobs materialize. In fact, we have seen them rapidly disappear as you have trashed in short order, Ohio's participation in a nationwide light rail system, killed Cincinnati's grab at 21st century people friendly relevance by destroying the streetcar project, and now, you've tanked the Casinos...all of em in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

In Cincinnati, there is a hole in Broadway Commons where the Casino is supposed to go. That hole matches the one in my gut that has been there since you snuck into the Governor's mansion by the slimmest of margins. The casinos were voted upon and approved by WE THE PEOPLE, before you got into office. It was working. People were working. People were making plans to work, by investing in the surrounding area. There was literally a renovation going on. But  not now. That big sucking sound you hear is the oxygen being driven out of the Ohio Valley, from your blow to our collective solar plexis.

Your desire to study the matter is nothing more than  politics at it's ugliest. It wasn't even an original idea, but came from a crony of yours, if reports are to be believed. There was no concern for Ohioans. It was only another way for you and yours to steal another buck from taxpayers...Damn the people...I want mine...that's what you did. And your buddy's firm is not even from Ohio. Your casino deal study is being done by a California company where your friend works or owns.  Not even one job resulted for an Ohioan from this gubernatorial power play. And according to news reports, your consultants get a cut of the take, a cut, possibly amounting to 13-million dollars funded by us taxpayers. Have you no shame? The arrogance of your behavior defies belief.

You've put forth a budget that literally will kill what is left of the middle class and relegates to invisibility anyone who happens to find himself living below the poverty level. Thanks to you, death panels are soon to be a reality in Ohio, because you've made it so. It may not be his strength, but is balancing budgets one of your strengths? Learn about accounting schools online.

 In one fell swoop you've managed to destroy the progress being made by Ohio public schools. You apparently not only like your women barefoot and pregnant, you want your sons dumbed down, too.

You've made it possible for folks to lose their job simply because they are willing to speak up about injustices at work.  No more collective bargaining. The new rules are kiss the ring of your employer or let your family starve.

 You've made it impossible for people to buy insurance or get coverage for their significant other if that person doesn't happen to line up with your vision of a traditional American family.

You've apparently decided to stand silent as the more extreme members of your party wage open warfare on women. What health care coverage that women can buy now is mediocre at best. The laws being proposed in the legislature send the signal to young women that male sex toy and baby making machine is what they  should aspire to in life. No Pell grants necessary when half the population stays home and raises the progeny of the masters of the universe such as yourself.

I guess your definition of  "cool" is staying in Ohio, single, straight,  jobless, and stupid, working at a McJob without health care insurance.

You've spent your first 100 plus days traveling around Ohio justifying your "my way or the highway" stance on everything. When are you going to do the work you were hired to do, which is put Ohio back to work?

Inquiring minds want to know Mr. Governor. Feel free to respond, but I won't hold my breath.

Respectfully yours


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