I’m Voting for the Old Guy

Just finished watching the first debate of this latest presidential season. All top tier democrats were on stage and apparently on their best behavior. It was pretty boring except for the old guy, Senator Mike Gravel. I didn’t know he was running for president. Hell, I didn’t even know who he was, but I like the fact that he, at least was willing to throw some bombs and mix it up a bit.

He spoke his mind with no hint of political correctness, and made some folks antsy. But he doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance of getting the nomination. Gravel flat out said the war was wrong and that we should pull out, period. He said if congress was really against the war, it would pull the funding, which is Dennis Kucinich’s major stance.

He excited me, made me want to vote for him. He was raw and plain spoken and is probably crazy. But after the past six years of lies, prevarication and arrogance, I’m more than happy to settle for the old guy senator, over more wet behind the ears polished, professional politicians.

But seriously folks....

Obama....smooth, cool under fire, well studied on the issues...felt like part of the establishment

Hillary (I don’t use Clinton cause there are two of them)....cool, to the point, well studied, I liked her straightforward, albeit boring presentation. And I understand she has to be...too flashy...she’s a tart...too smart and forthright....she’s a B***......too understated and she’s a schoolmarm...she can’t win that publicity war, no matter what she does...

Joe Biden....acquitted himself well, created the best soundbite of the night, but I still don’t like him...don’t trust him...smarmy

Bill Richardson...there is something about him that speaks to me, but I need to hear more, and I really don’t think he’s a strong enough candidate.

John Edwards....I’m not going to lie, reminds me of Dan Quayle....just a hell of a lot smarter...

Kucinich....I love Dennis the menace...he’s a great candidate, just too loopy to make it to the White House....trouble is...he is not loopy at all...and that’s a shame...maybe if he loosened up and took the grassroots, campus route...maybe...he could derail the frontrunners...naaah!

Christopher Dodd....another professional politician...I did like his answer about LGBT civil unions...it was heart felt, honest and human...it didn’t pander...I respect him for that..

Overall, I think the format needs changing. This wasn’t a debate, this was Q&A touching on all hot button issues, with reaction from the candidates...Debates need interaction among the participants.....I had trouble paying attention.

Too much PC in the room....with the exception of the old guy.
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