Do You Hear Yourself?

Have ya’ll done lost your minds? In the wake of the mass tragedy at Virginia Tech, alleged grown ups and so called law enforcement officials here in Ohio are calling for arming teachers or for allowing concealed carry by both students and teachers on all school and college campuses in the state.

Okay, not enough kerosene on this fire, let’s try throwing on some gasoline. Are you all fucking crazy?

Has anyone really thought this through? What happens when a six year old takes his toy Glock with the authentic noise to school and points it at somebody? What happens to the silly teenager who tries to play a harmless prank that makes a loud noise that resembles a loud bang? What happens if a car backfires while driving past the school yard during recess and the history teacher on duty has an itchy trigger finger?

What happens if the school bad ass gets hold of teacher’s gun instead of going home for dad’s, and decides to really do some damage because he’s pissed off about a grade or detention?

People, you’re arming against your own kids. For the most part, these are not stranger attacks at these schools. These are your kids, your children. What happened to parenting?

All of these young killers,,,,Harris, Kleibold and now Cho, exhibited early signs that could have been seen and dealt with, had their parents been involved in their lives. The warnings were there for anyone, teachers, other students, school officials. All anyone had to do was to pay attention and also to take action. A recent study of young murderers acting out showed that 70% told someone before they acted. All of them acted out prior to committing their heinous acts.

Columbine happened in 1999, I have yet to hear a word from either of the boys’ parents. Cho’s parents are also silent. They have in fact, disappeared, although the mother’s family is talking.

Some of the parents in Paducah, Kentucky, for example, paid for their inattentiveness with their own lives, killed by their son before he went to school.

You will never make me believe that these parents didn’t know that their kids were sick. If your kid has enough spending money to buy guns at five or six hundred dollars a pop, to shoot up his school...you have enough money to find a hospital or a shrink to help him cope. If you can buy him a car, you can get him help.

Yes, mental health laws, the courts and gun laws need change. And given the state of mental health treatment in this country, finding help may take some effort. But if you bring kids into this world, then you owe it to them to take care of them mentally, physically as well as materially.

Before arming against your kids, how about metal detectors in doorways. There are many, many other security measures that can be taken before anyone else starts shooting. A simple book bag, with four or five books in it really can stop a bullet.

Please...more guns are not the answer. It is time to stop trying to keep up appearances. Understand that most American families are dysfunctional. Deal with it. Your kids are crying out for your attention, not another IPOD.

Put the guns away, hug your kids and vote these gun crazy idiots out of office. ,
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