Just Because We Can

The FDA is getting ready to rubber stamp a pill that will take away our periods, period. There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t wished away “her friend”. But now that we can...should we? I would honestly feel more comfortable if this new pill had been developed by women, with a female spokesperson, instead of some guy telling me I should be happy to get rid of my menses. It kind of feels like when men were pushing Valium and brandy at women to quiet them down in the fifties and sixties. Guess I don’t trust them. Has there been enough study to determine what happens to women who go without periods over an extended period of time?


We can’t save the country or secure the cities, so we build walls to keep people safe? Didn’t they try this already in Berlin? I thought the surge was working. I thought we were making headway in Iraq. My bad!


Gonzales says he will stay as Attorney General as long as he can be effective...say what? When was he ever effective?


Disney wants to release Song of the South...you know the movie about Uncle Remus that introduced us to the song “Zip pi Dee doo dah”....The blogosphere is awash with controversy about whether it should be released....Most of the folks doing the hyperventilating have never seen it and are discussing it through the prism of later day mores. I say release it...watch it and make up your own mind. Good or bad...it’s history......

For the record...I saw it when I was a kid...in a segregated theater(blacks were relegated to the balcony)...I loved it...It still brings a smile to my heart, even though I am fully aware, now, and recognize it for what it is.

And....I also don’t like Gone With the Wind, either..but if it’s out...so should be Song of the South...

We shouldn’t white wash history (no pun intended)...it is...what it is.....There is already too much revisionism going on as we speak....


Dennis the Menace Kucinich wants to impeach Cheney and is in fact scheduled to introduce the articles of impeachment soon. Cheney’s puppet should go first. In fact, let’s just clean house all together...


Newt, I wanna be president, Gingrich, is blaming the tragedy at Virginia Tech on liberalism....Tinky Winky strikes again...I want a hit off of what he's smoking..
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