Gingrich Followers Speak

Show they like rewriting history as much as their newly found fearless leader....

By now, you've probably seen the story coming out of Tennessee, about a group of teabaggers who want to tell the truth about American history. You can read it here.  

Basically they want to take out as much about slavery in America as possible, because according to them, it makes the founding fathers look bad. In other words, “yes we know the founding fathers were slave owners...but we don't have to talk about or teach about it...do we?”

This group of knuckle draggers believes that talking about the bad things the white men did to brown people in this country only incites the brown people to be pissed off and act out against white people, or resent white people and demand handouts from the government as payment for these “made up injustices as taught by bad history teachers.

These fools held a news conference during which the spokesman said; 
"an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another." - Hal Rounds a Tennessee attorney.

Pardon my obtuseness....but when is taking land by force and slaughtering every Native American in the way, an intrusion?


Invasion and conquer...maybe....genocide...surely...but INTRUSION?

And what about that slavery thing. The truth of the matter was that most of the presidents prior to the Civil War were slaves owners. They OWNED OTHER PEOPLE FOR PROFIT. They used them, raped them, sold them, split up families and killed them when they wanted to.

If that makes the founding fathers look bad...then so be it...It remains the truth whether it appears in a history book in Tennessee, or not.

The Middle Passage took millions of lives. It was not merely the Triangle Trade between countries that Texas teaches it's children about.

Conservatives, teabaggers and other intellectually challenged bigots have spent lifetimes attempting to cover up the two indigenous Holocausts that happened in North America after it was “discovered” by whites...the killing and continued persecution of Native Americans and the slave trade and practices that brought most Blacks to America as property, not people or human beings.

Two Holocausts! Two vicious ongoing acts of genocide that have never really been resolved. The repercussions continue to reverberate throughout the USA.

Don't think so...then listen to the words coming out of the right about the current Commander in Chief....replay the words of the current crop of lame POTUS wannabes running for the GOP nomination.  The so called history teacher named Newt knows better, but he is too wrapped up in his fantasy world to realize the danger of his ever increasing over statements.  Paul doesn't care, Romney and Santorum are simply  pandering to find a new job in DC.

America has never told the truth about its history. What is going on in Tennessee and Texas is merely a retrogression of the revision that has passed for history since 1619.

Another example from the rewrites....The KKK was a club...The Black Panther Party was a violent terrorist organization.

Go figure!


Newt Gingrich, Anointed in SC, Jesus Mary and Joseph!

With all the flair and petulance of a three year old, Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina Primary by a very wide margin over the anointed one, otherwise known as Mitt Romney. Ricky the pope Santorum finished a distant third while the hobbit, Ron Paul, came in fourth, visibly demonstrating his short legged disadvantage.

So what does this mean? Well, I see shades of 1976 in this one. 1976 was the last time that the GOP had a real fight for the nomination. It was also the first time that I covered a convention as a working on air news reporter. It was held in Kansas City and Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford came in with a 50-50 split, or thereabouts in delegates.

I was personally appalled by what I saw and heard coming out of the delegates' mouths and rightly guessed that Ford would be the nominee, because I naively believed that “right” would prevail (there were still real live conservatives in charge of the GOP at the time, and I do like real conservatives instead of this fake christian variety now). It did, sorta. What really happened was a deal apparently being cut with the Mississippi Delegation. Pre convention, the delegation was supposed to be solidly in Reagan's corner, however when boss Haley Barbour stepped to the mic, he threw his delegation to Ford much to the consternation of most of his delegation.

Despite the Mississippi vote, Nixon's Southern strategy was working back then, and obviously from the vote last night, is still working today. However it was circumvented or short circuited by the powers that be in the GOP. The final result, Ford wins the nomination, but loses the presidency to Jimmy Carter.

It remains to be seen if the GOP elite will force feed Mitt Romney to their constituents, in the same manner in which they force fed them Gerald Ford. Romney's been running since the 90's and still nobody who claims to be republican likes him, or wants him to represent them. If the GOP elite is smart, they will make the base happy and come with somebody like Newt. But Newt has burned every bridge he's crossed on both sides of the aisle. Final result-democrats win again. The question is...will they win big or bigger.

Ricky and Ron have the lifespan of a snowball in hell, or maybe an ice ball in hell. They are both going to Florida, but probably not much further. Which brings us back to Newt, he of the self proclaimed towering intellect powered by prepubescent temperament unbecoming a man with so much white hair on his head.

Gingrich is playing his sideshow for the voters with no memory of his past. They seem to care only for the stuff coming out of his mouth, true or not. Most of his stuff is not truth based in the slightest of senses. Kinda reminds ya of that cool breeze that unexpectedly blew in from Wasilla, Alaska, a few years ago. The only difference between the two is their gender..one female...one male...both legends in their own mind.

To quote Kathleen Parker, “Newt Gingrich is an angry little attack muffin.” He attacks anyone and everyone who doesn't think the same as he, or want to live inside the fantasy in which he cloaks himself.

After all, it was just a couple of weeks ago, in Iowa, where his petulance and mental instability was on full display after he loss to Romney. Romney lost too, but we didn't know it until the recount this past week.

Regardless, Newt was pissed and he showed it, and he's been taking it out on anyone and everyone since that night.

Like the good liberal that I am, I am going to pop some popcorn, lay in a couple of bottles of my favorite wine and watch it all play out for as long as it takes. And I really hope it takes all the way to July for the GOP to settle on a candidate.

And since I'm in a predicting mood...I'm gonna tell you who it is they are going to choose to represent them...

His name is TOAST.

C-ya in November!


Newt “Sho I'm a Ho” Gingrich

Oh he is soooooooooooooooooo GHETTO! Tryin' to pretend that he is "to the manor born."  Please!

Gingrich's dramatic performance at last night's GOP debate was classic Hood Rat behavior.

We all have Hood Rats in our family...you know those fools who face you dead on after they've done their latest doo, and bare-face lie to you! They know they did it...you know they did it...and they know that you know they did it...BUT THEY FACE YOU AND LIE TO YOU ANYWAY, because they believe you will give into their wishes, like you've done in the past..

Hood Rats believe that no matter the transgression...they will be forgiven and allowed to continue living in a world of their own making, with no consequences.

They always signal the lie....“Now what had happen was....” Hood Rat plain and simple opening statement....He's lyin'.....Ho-speak for get ready for a story..

Newt's got the indignant anger down pat....He stares in the camera...gets very red, white and terse on his responses....answers like he's the victim...

“My ex wife is lying!......I did not ask her for an open marriage!”

Kinda rings like...”I did not have sex with that woman” doesn't it.

And you know what the most aggravating part of this whole charade is...the crowds...made up of similarly situated, so called christian individuals...standing up and giving this fool a raucous ovation...There is always a Greek chorus...Hood rats always, always travel in packs..

They cheered him, the hypocrites....Lays proof to the belief...any white man will do in 2012..

13 years after he screwed over his second wife to cavort and then marry his third..”Sho I'm Ho” Gingrich is still telling others how to live their lives. “Sho” was one of the first to sign that phony pledge to uphold heterosexual marriage...

“Sho” wants to instill bigotry into the Constitution in the form of an amendment banning same sex marriage...guess he feels the sanctity of his own is in jeopardy....

He says Mitt “Max Headroom” Romney is not tough enough on abortion, and that Ricky the Pope Santorum is not conservative enough...

And he has the audacity to lecture Black people about everything including moral values, religion and work ethics, delivered with all the condescending master to slave imagery that he's read about in his history books.

Classic, classic, classic ghetto behavior...

Newt “Sho I'ma Ho” Gingrich is angry that he is being called on his HO-ish tendencies, but he is not contrite, nor is he sorry. He's just pissed off that at least some of the people are calling him out on his shit.

Because, you know that is what eventually happens with Hood Rats...they get called on their shit...finally....And it usually begins with the phrase...

.”Nigga please...”


Little Ricky Calls it Quits, Drops Out of Presidential GOP Scrum

Little Ricky going home to work on his Texas Secession speech....

I always heard that god don't make mistakes, so I guess Sarah and Christine and Herman and Michele and now Little Ricky must a been lyin' through their teeth when they said god told em to run for president. If he told em to run, he apparently didn't mean for them to win.

It wasn't god talkin' to em. It must have been the voices in their head talking louder than usual. Or maybe it was just caucasian arrogance telling them that any ole white guy or gal was good enough to beat the Black man in the White House.

Apparently you still gotta be a politician to serve in DC and like him or not, the target of all their animosity is a very good politician.

Tough to beat....Not that he's had to work at it while the clown circus plays dates throughout the country.

Or maybe he is the one who god is really talking to. We'll never know, because the tall stoic mocha commander in chief doesn't reveal himself very much, to us, anyway.

The Grand Old Party is down to four choices unless they can talk somebody else into the race. They have perennial candidate Willard Mitt Max Headroom Romney (he's the rich one, the great white hope one), Then comes Ron Paul the elder ( The Hobbit) another perennial candidate who never seems to get anything done in the form of legislation been there all this time and has only passed one bill out of 600 something sent forward.

Then there is Saint Rick Santorum (the Pope's puppet and Howdy Doodie's long lost brother in a sweater vest), and last but not least slime ball Newt Gingrich.

I always hesitate to put Gingrich in this race because it is sooooo obvious from his campaign that he is actually running for dictator of America. One would think with all those history degrees that he would know the difference between the president of a republic and a head dic, er dictator in charge.

The final four are still on message...their goal is to trash the economy and the country...they hate women...they hate minorities and blacks in particular and they want to turn the world backward to 1862, when all they had to do was to kill the minority (Indians, Mexicans or slaves) to get what they wanted.

So now that we know that Mitt didn't win Iowa, who is going to blink next? Is the fix in for Romney? Or will Santorum knock him off and open the door for Lizard boy to slither through....Forget Paul...he is equally despised by his party as well as the opposition.

We will just have to wait and see, won't we?


Iowa Caucus-And the Winner Is......

None of the Above!

Okay, so this exercise in futility is over and what have we learned? Nobody still doesn't like Mitt Romney....The conservative default position is apparently Rick Santorum who can't carry a crowd in his home state......the white guy choice is Daddy Paul.....Lizard boy Gingrich has been exposed as the most mentally unstable, and that's saying a lot with Bachmann in the field....Ricky P is running home to Texas to lick his wounds and Michelle...well she is finding out what conservatives really think of women, let alone female politicians....But she's vowed not to quit, bless her heart. (UPDATE: Bachmann caves...suspends campaign....Ricky P decides to battle on!)

Now it's on to New Hampshire, where Romney is said to have the state on lockdown. So much so, in fact, that many in the clown car are by-passing New Hampshire and driving straight to South Carolina, whose nut job governor has already endorsed Romney much to the distress of many of her soon to be ex-constituents.

Jon Huntsman is also waiting in New Hampshire. He didn't bother to compete in Iowa saying “Iowa picks corn while New Hampshire picks presidents!” Guess he feels that he is the one. Considering that his money comes directly from a fund fed by his father, he may turn out to be as delusional as the rest of them in their hunt for the White House.

I mean just because you're the apple of Daddy's eye, doesn't mean the rest of us are going to like you, too.

Maybe he should have stayed in China as Ambassador....Could've opened himself up to being Obama's VP....nah!....Biden still rules.

And so does President Obama who is looking more and more like a safe bet for four more years in the White House.


Iowa Caucus-An exercise in Flash Mob Masturbation.

Let's get real, the Iowa Caucus vote is not really all that important, unless you happen to be a news pundit/reporter/columnist or social conservative-would be kingmaker, looking to hang onto your job and justify your existence in 2012.

It's basically another form of peripheral bullshit that passes for news in the 21st century. The media has to report and inflate every single thing that can be considered a news story, given the concentration on the bottom line to make news profitable for the corporations that now own all communications in the USA.

The kingmakers, well they just have to figure out how to stay in front of the cameras to get out their bigoted message to the sheeple.

The only thing that is really going to happen in Iowa this week is that after the vote, there will be fewer helmet haired riders in the GOP clown car fighting for the driver's seat.

Nobody fighting for position in Iowa stands a snowball's chance in hell of winning the nomination let alone the presidency come November. Mitt Romney may come away with the GOP nomination, but it won't be because his party likes him. They think he is the one white man who can win, and that is very bigoted of them

Unemployment is dropping, albeit slowly. The economy is strengthening. Other factors are working their way into the positive. People are making money, working and spending again. Based on what we've seen so far, Obama is a lock for a second term.

Iowa would matter if it were more reflective of America....not Norman Rockwell America of yesterday...but of America, today. It's not. Iowa is richer, more educated, older and whiter than nearly every other state in the union.

That works out to tea party country and most Americans still don't drink tea, at least not the kind served up by those social conservatives who dominate the landscape in the corn fields of Iowa.

If you look at Iowa, the people, there don't believe in the separation of church and state, public education, global warming. Nor do they believe that women, gays and lesbians, as well as other minorities, deserve first class citizenship, civil rights and adequate health care. They also don't support the christian concepts of being thy brother's keeper or of looking out for the poor.

Iowa will choose the new driver of the clown car, but will he be able to stay in the driver's seat thru New Hampshire and beyond?

Will it matter? I think not.