Little Ricky Calls it Quits, Drops Out of Presidential GOP Scrum

Little Ricky going home to work on his Texas Secession speech....

I always heard that god don't make mistakes, so I guess Sarah and Christine and Herman and Michele and now Little Ricky must a been lyin' through their teeth when they said god told em to run for president. If he told em to run, he apparently didn't mean for them to win.

It wasn't god talkin' to em. It must have been the voices in their head talking louder than usual. Or maybe it was just caucasian arrogance telling them that any ole white guy or gal was good enough to beat the Black man in the White House.

Apparently you still gotta be a politician to serve in DC and like him or not, the target of all their animosity is a very good politician.

Tough to beat....Not that he's had to work at it while the clown circus plays dates throughout the country.

Or maybe he is the one who god is really talking to. We'll never know, because the tall stoic mocha commander in chief doesn't reveal himself very much, to us, anyway.

The Grand Old Party is down to four choices unless they can talk somebody else into the race. They have perennial candidate Willard Mitt Max Headroom Romney (he's the rich one, the great white hope one), Then comes Ron Paul the elder ( The Hobbit) another perennial candidate who never seems to get anything done in the form of legislation been there all this time and has only passed one bill out of 600 something sent forward.

Then there is Saint Rick Santorum (the Pope's puppet and Howdy Doodie's long lost brother in a sweater vest), and last but not least slime ball Newt Gingrich.

I always hesitate to put Gingrich in this race because it is sooooo obvious from his campaign that he is actually running for dictator of America. One would think with all those history degrees that he would know the difference between the president of a republic and a head dic, er dictator in charge.

The final four are still on message...their goal is to trash the economy and the country...they hate women...they hate minorities and blacks in particular and they want to turn the world backward to 1862, when all they had to do was to kill the minority (Indians, Mexicans or slaves) to get what they wanted.

So now that we know that Mitt didn't win Iowa, who is going to blink next? Is the fix in for Romney? Or will Santorum knock him off and open the door for Lizard boy to slither through....Forget Paul...he is equally despised by his party as well as the opposition.

We will just have to wait and see, won't we?

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