Iowa Caucus-And the Winner Is......

None of the Above!

Okay, so this exercise in futility is over and what have we learned? Nobody still doesn't like Mitt Romney....The conservative default position is apparently Rick Santorum who can't carry a crowd in his home state......the white guy choice is Daddy Paul.....Lizard boy Gingrich has been exposed as the most mentally unstable, and that's saying a lot with Bachmann in the field....Ricky P is running home to Texas to lick his wounds and Michelle...well she is finding out what conservatives really think of women, let alone female politicians....But she's vowed not to quit, bless her heart. (UPDATE: Bachmann caves...suspends campaign....Ricky P decides to battle on!)

Now it's on to New Hampshire, where Romney is said to have the state on lockdown. So much so, in fact, that many in the clown car are by-passing New Hampshire and driving straight to South Carolina, whose nut job governor has already endorsed Romney much to the distress of many of her soon to be ex-constituents.

Jon Huntsman is also waiting in New Hampshire. He didn't bother to compete in Iowa saying “Iowa picks corn while New Hampshire picks presidents!” Guess he feels that he is the one. Considering that his money comes directly from a fund fed by his father, he may turn out to be as delusional as the rest of them in their hunt for the White House.

I mean just because you're the apple of Daddy's eye, doesn't mean the rest of us are going to like you, too.

Maybe he should have stayed in China as Ambassador....Could've opened himself up to being Obama's VP....nah!....Biden still rules.

And so does President Obama who is looking more and more like a safe bet for four more years in the White House.

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