Gingrich Followers Speak

Show they like rewriting history as much as their newly found fearless leader....

By now, you've probably seen the story coming out of Tennessee, about a group of teabaggers who want to tell the truth about American history. You can read it here.  

Basically they want to take out as much about slavery in America as possible, because according to them, it makes the founding fathers look bad. In other words, “yes we know the founding fathers were slave owners...but we don't have to talk about or teach about it...do we?”

This group of knuckle draggers believes that talking about the bad things the white men did to brown people in this country only incites the brown people to be pissed off and act out against white people, or resent white people and demand handouts from the government as payment for these “made up injustices as taught by bad history teachers.

These fools held a news conference during which the spokesman said; 
"an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another." - Hal Rounds a Tennessee attorney.

Pardon my obtuseness....but when is taking land by force and slaughtering every Native American in the way, an intrusion?


Invasion and conquer...maybe....genocide...surely...but INTRUSION?

And what about that slavery thing. The truth of the matter was that most of the presidents prior to the Civil War were slaves owners. They OWNED OTHER PEOPLE FOR PROFIT. They used them, raped them, sold them, split up families and killed them when they wanted to.

If that makes the founding fathers look bad...then so be it...It remains the truth whether it appears in a history book in Tennessee, or not.

The Middle Passage took millions of lives. It was not merely the Triangle Trade between countries that Texas teaches it's children about.

Conservatives, teabaggers and other intellectually challenged bigots have spent lifetimes attempting to cover up the two indigenous Holocausts that happened in North America after it was “discovered” by whites...the killing and continued persecution of Native Americans and the slave trade and practices that brought most Blacks to America as property, not people or human beings.

Two Holocausts! Two vicious ongoing acts of genocide that have never really been resolved. The repercussions continue to reverberate throughout the USA.

Don't think so...then listen to the words coming out of the right about the current Commander in Chief....replay the words of the current crop of lame POTUS wannabes running for the GOP nomination.  The so called history teacher named Newt knows better, but he is too wrapped up in his fantasy world to realize the danger of his ever increasing over statements.  Paul doesn't care, Romney and Santorum are simply  pandering to find a new job in DC.

America has never told the truth about its history. What is going on in Tennessee and Texas is merely a retrogression of the revision that has passed for history since 1619.

Another example from the rewrites....The KKK was a club...The Black Panther Party was a violent terrorist organization.

Go figure!

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