Newt Gingrich in Cincinnati

Well it had to happen. With the Ohio GOP primary set for March 6th, it's time for the clown car to make an appearance in the Queen City. Newt “Puff Daddy” Gingrich reportedly plans to make some stops along the old three C highway, with Dayton thrown in for good measure.

You can read about it here

Our local republican slanted newspaper says Gingrich and Callista have a taste for some Price Hill Chili and will plunk down there sometime on Tuesday. Afterward he and she will head to Dayton, then Columbus and end up in Cleveland for a big rally on Wednesday.

Of course you know that Newt is coming off his latest loss and subsequent temper tantrum to Max Headroom Romney. Romney dusted Lizard-boy in Nevada this past weekend. Literally treated him with all kinds of disrespect. It was not at all in keeping with the image of world savior that Newt has of himself.

He thinks he's the messiah but, so far has only alluded to it, not come right out and said it, yet. Maybe he'll leave the anointing up to Calllista, letting her finally speak instead of just stand there with that silent gaze trained only on him.

Ya know, now that I think about it, maybe that gaze and position next to his podium is her way of keeping her boy on a leash since we all know her dog does like to wander.

But I digress. I hope some enterprising reporter here in town has the guts to ask the Newter about the so called war on religion that he has been spouting off about in between bouts of calling Romney a liar, and telling us black people how shiftless and lazy we are.

Newt claims the new health regulations requiring insurance plans to cover birth control in the same manner as they cover erectile dysfunction drugs is a war, on first the Catholic Church and second, on religion in general. ( Newt is a new convert to Catholicism so have patience with his undying fanaticism).

Question- How is this possible since the regulation as I read it says the insurance plans must provide birth control coverage, but it doesn't mandate or force anyone to actually use birth control. You can still stick to the rhythm method if you want. The church can still outlaw birth control for its followers, if it wants.

What's the big deal?

Why should Newter be you ticked off about birth control when serial adultery doesn't bother him, lying doesn't bother him, or casting untrue aspersions on his neighbor doesn't bother him.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and find out where he is set to land and see if I can get close, welcome his highness to the Queen City and maybe even get some answers to a whole host of questions percolating in my mind.

I've always been a sucker for clowns...

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